A quickie

Last year, he asked his wife to unbutton his zipper in public at a fashion show. Look at the gratification in his face. Look at the smile in everyone's faces. It was made into a big deal by all players.

What is there so much to smile for? You, who has studied biology in the text books, you know it well, that in the man's body, there is the penis. This organ is mostly used for urinating and used in copulation as well.

And the fact, there is so much to smile and to go bizarre about, in the above scene, shows that there is some kind of deep un-manifested frustration in the masses and when the occasion rises, it gets expressed in different ways.

Sexual frustration is the order of the day. East or West, natural beautiful sex has been lost, the humans are suffering as the days go by, lost to the illusions and minions of the vicious cycle of frustrated gratification.

Today we have them rushing and dipping their toothpricks into the lines of biting chilling ice cream cups, gone in 60 seconds or a two minute instant noodle package, eat a chocolate in a second, grumble numb-le, a quickie.

What shall we not do?

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