Treatment for Laziness

Sometimes in life, we just find ourselves NOT moving ahead in life, so here are just 10+4 tips that might just help you.

Truly destroy that Lazy bugger within!

Treatment for Laziness

10 tips for the treatment of the mind

1. Start with something easy and little before you do anything serious. Value your time at all costs.

2. Think about at least getting one thing done properly in time and then work your way on from there.

3. People feel lazy when they are involved in usless unrealistic things. So do the real beneficial things.

4. Laziness is cumulative. Laziness can be countered when you have a target to aim for.

5. Print and abolish out a list of 20 common cunning alibis (a.ka. excuses for being lazy).

6. Enter the jail, yes the jail of productivity. Inside THE JAIL you go to do right away what you got to do.

7. Setting a timer kills the ever elusive preparation excuse. Setting a timer gets you right to work!

8. We all know the truth… the “preparation stage” to getting to work is another fine excuse.

9. Set a timer and work non-stop until it sounds. Never let go of the work until you have accomplished it.

10. Think about all the things that you will accomplish and the feeling of self satisfaction when it is done.

4 Tips for Physical treatment

1. Regular exercise makes a person active. It is a simplest way to rid oneself of the feeling of tiredness.

2. Lemon Juice, tea or coffee are beneficial in energizing. But avoid junk food. Try to enjoy nutritious food.

3. A hot perfumed bath will be effective in putting off the laziness. Wear clean clothes, use clean bed sheets.

4. Get up early and immediately drink something nice, and eat one good chocolate, or a cold apple.

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