Torturing Africa

I wish I could shock-torture the Africans to stand up! All these foreign aid people pampering and colon-icing the African people ain't helping any dead red African brain muscle to tackle their own age-held hassles on their own.

There are some who have sang for Africa over the years... here I have two videos crying for Africa.

This one really comes out nicely with his voice

This song of the late 90's, loved waiting for it on channel "mcm africa". 

The diverse African countries really need steady angry devoted leaders! Smiling cute Mandela could just help South Africa in its one stride towards freedom. Africa needs more strides, a million sons and daughters original to the soil. Africa is already united, all it needs is a chance to give out good policy. And those foreign center stage intermediaries must be thrown out for that, anything to do with them is poison.

Million voices

I remember watching that movie "Hotel Rwanda" which was based on that gruesome Genocide of Rwanda. And in it, there is this cool Rwandan true story guy called Paul Rusesabagina who takes all the great risks to help his people, that movie is heart wrenching. But at the closing scene of the movie, Paul gets sidelined and some foreigner lady turns up from out of no where and gets to be at the center point recognition in that last screen shot. Please do remember that the UN terrorist council did nothing about that genocide in Rwanda, they remained UN-moved.

Closing scene of Hotel Rwanda

I am sick and tired of seeing these African Pseudo-politicians literally eating the shit aid and urine loans of Americans, Europeans, Asians, and given the choice these pseudo-African politicians would maybe even go beg the invading Aliens. But there are some exceptions of people who I feel care about Africa, I found Bono to be smart in this regard, he helps Africa by being a intermediary between Africa and the G8 govts. money helpers. He gets all loans to be written off. So Africa gets the an illusory help and Bono and gets the credit and not the G8 countires. He calls it Justice and not charity. He defeats the idea of Charity. This Bono is one smart man. Bono has really become a pain in the bottom of all those pseudo Grrrr8 politicians. Bono knows that he might get shot dead if he gets violent with his techniques, so he did suppres his anger and pains, no wonder he had to get a slip disc.

But yes, I must say that almost all aid NGOS who have been working in Africa for decades and decades have achieved little in allowing Africa to blossom. In fact they have hampered it. The Strong African muscle still remains as good as Jelly fish mussel.

Look at Shakira at the centre stage with her great hit "Waka Waka" with over 90 million hits in youtube so far. The song has become a household hit. Almost as good as "The cup of life" by Ricky Martin.

I dare her to dance naked next time, I know she can,
her fans will only like it more.

They say that she stole the hit song from some African artist. A great example of how people have stolen from Africa and then later do things in the name of doing good for Africa, oh yes "This time for Africa". If she really cared about Africa, she would have had the courtesy to respect the original artist of that song. Well, that's the case for Africa. And African pseudo politicians just love to be victimized up. And yes her dancing, centre stage, with the African girls as side-accessories. Nothing more do we need to give out the impression of a side lined African dark skin.

With Shakira's legs spread wide, it compliments South Africa for its record of having the highest rape crime rate in the world. Yes, I remember I was travelling in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh and these South African light skinned women tourists were seated in the crowded local bus and yes, one lady who I had a chat with, barely covered her chest with clothing. The whole bus filled with localities were staring at her and staring at me for talking to such a blissfully naked one. She asked me to join her gang, I had a different tantric direction to take.

Such dressing of women make most normal men sexually frustrated and of course, it is some other women out there who takes the brunt of it. Some ignorant woman creates the mess in the minds of men and other unaware women suffer for it. Of all women, African women suffer the most.

And here we have Shakira calling herself the "Daughter of Africa". I guess she might start getting many awards  and ambassador roles in the coming years. And I must add that all those Afro-American artists, Afro-European players have very little to do with the people of Africa. If they don't have any genuine care for Africa, they should just shut up and stop calling themselves Afro. They are so many of those pseudo Afros. I am sick of these African cowards too, all those pseudo-Africans. Filled with AIDS, WAR and POVERTY. If the African Politicians don't care for Africa they should be thrown out of it. What are those African politician buggers fighting with each other for? I guess to get power, get rich and to sleep with the skin white girl. More thanks goes to Shakira. Shakira means "Thankful" in Arabic alright.


  1. Though everything you have said is passionately approved, except going after artists, who actually really do something for people. I do not agree your views that put waka waka as a "Stolen item number" by Shakira.

    The song is based on traditional number, some of the verses are taken from that. That is actually taken with approval by FIFA & S.A. who wanted to promote the world cup in a large way. If you had said about the high handedness of FIFA, then maybe it might have some truth, but still it is only hearsay.

    There is nothing like it is an individual effort by Shakira and she has not claimed that also. S.A.'s top pop act, Freshlyground, though never a name in world arena, had their name made big through this song. In fact, the two ladies that dance in the back are their lead singers. They have even performed along with Shakira in the opening concert too.

    Shakira has done a lot of works, at least by giving her image to works by many charities. Now this is nothing compared to what they(the west or so called developed nations) have taken from Africa. I would say, at least she does think about people less privileged.

    By putting rape and dance moves in same paragraphs, you have made me say about rape, which I would rather not. Nothing to do with being prude. It is rather an issue which has many facets. I am not conversant with dance moves of Africa, but from my limited experience, I have witness first hand that there are lots of sexual overtones in the traditional dance moves. Would that count as barbaric or sexually explicit or would just be a throwback on a society where sexuality was looked upon with respect. Rape is not just about sexual provocation. The reasons for high rape in S.A. can be studied by going into ground level, and I am ignorant about that.

    Anger should not cloud your judgement. I do not take sides nor judge anyone, but I do say, judge wisely.

  2. Rajashekar,

    If I was against artistes, I would have been against Bono too. But Shakira has lost lots of respect in my eyes.

    Please check... Comparison with a previous version

    "Colombian singer Shakira faces a millionaire lawsuit by Dominican Wilfredo Vargas for the incredible resemblance between “Waka waka” and his famous composition “El negro no puede” performed by “Las Chicas del Can” (Can’s girls)."

    And then the first original Cameroon group...check this...real nice, I remember seeing this video when I was young, back in Africa.

    Rajashekar read this too...
    "This year's song has stirred sentiment among South Africans, many of whom were outraged because FIFA selected a non-African, Colombian pop star Shakira, to write the song and perform lead vocals."

    See, Shakira has sang nicely, her song has got a really nice beat to it, she has made the original version really beautiful in audio presentation. I must agree. But I disagree with plagiarism and skimpy dressing.

    And Rajashkhar, when you say...
    "The song is based on traditional number, some of the verses are taken from that. That is actually taken with approval by FIFA & S.A."

    Shakira needs the approval of the original artist, not FIFA or SA in this regard. And the side kick Freshlyground band are also to be taken responsible for this stealing act.

    This example clearly explains how African faction leaders in certain African countries cling onto some untoward famous foreign assistance in order to fool their own people. A very common thing in Africa.

    And yes you are right, Shakira has done lots of charity, but actually the number one donor of charity to Africa is the US President himself. George Bush has done so much in charity. But that's just the cover to their many rotten foreign policy operations.

    Shakira with another local native group is the exact method/analogy for how native African rebel groups gather assistance from some foreigner govt or vice versa to fool their own people to get power..this is the famous policy of how foreigners have kept Africa in the sleep mode.
    Actually it is Africa leaders who intentionally keep their countries in sleep mode, the foreigners are only tools for them.

    If Shakira really cares for Africa, she should respect the African artistes. And it would have been really nice if Shakira's lead vocals role was given to an African Artiste, really, this time for Africa.

    And Rajashekar, I did not mean to put dance and rape in the same paragraph. I want to put her dressing style and rape in the same paragraph. About dance, she has a body that gyrates better than any woman I have seen, many in the world will agree but the dressing styles invokes a sexual mess. Latino bambinos all out in the American flesh trade. Rajashekar, have you any idea of how the porn industry and prostitution industry is thriving and enslaving women to drink piss.

    And about traditional overtones, imagine dancing Bharatanatyam in a bushy hairy thong. The ancient African dances are very much in harmony with nature, those people learnt how to live in harmony. That is the only reason why Africa remained to be a continent that still had some fauna and flora. Whereas Europe has no animal, wild life where? And with the coming of some foreigners to Africa, poaching and its market increased. Who do you think is arrogant enough to buy the tiger skins of India?

  3. And about Rape, rape happens so much in places where people are highly sexually frustrated and that includes SA, USA, Europe, India, some Middle East countries. And there are all kinds of manifestation of rape. Domestic rape, prostitute rape, girlfriend rape, brainwashed allurement. There is rape of the body, rape of the mind of the body too.

    Please read...
    "It is estimated that a woman born in South Africa has a greater chance of being raped than learning how to read. One in three of the 4,000 women questioned by the Community of Information, Empowerment and Transparency said they had been raped in the past year.

    South Africa has some of the highest incidences of child and baby rape in the world. In a related survey conducted among 1,500 school children in the Soweto township, a quarter of all the boys interviewed said that 'jackrolling', a term for gang rape, was fun.[38] More than 25% of South African men questioned in a survey admitted to raping someone; of those, nearly half said they had raped more than one person, according to a new study conducted by the Medical Research Council (MRC). It is estimated that 500,000 rapes are committed annually in South Africa."

    More at in a Wikipedia artcle

    Rape is high, because exposed white skin mix in SA is high, since many free gold corrupted greedy whites settled there. And many white women don't care about their dressing code, like Shakira. She would not be happy to be baby raped. Women and children suffer so much.

    In India, Shimla is a prostitute town, it has the best weather in India, but it is a prostitute town, the moment I got out of the bus, the man who received me was a pimp, broker. Shimla is filled with that. Poor Shimla.

    I am not against sexuality, I am against prostitutionality and rape-culturability. Respect for sexuality exists in every sane corner of the world. It must be respected properly, it is the very cause for a person's life.

    But about rape and brain washed allurement, we have to fight it, the rape victim as well as rapists are both victims to the rape crime. In reality, Rape only leaves a man-rapist even more frustrated.

    Mandela can't do anything about SA's rape culture, he can only swallow it and go on smiling, his life's steam is over with, at least there was one like him.

    Chasing colonizers is easy, but chasing the self mental slavery is the tough one to champion. Some new native hero has to be born, I invoke it.

    And about Anger, Real Anger is needed, it does not cloud anything, it actually empowers the judgement. All great heroes have a moment when they speak with Real Anger in their words. Our country's physical and mental borders are only protected by the few soldiers who tremble with indignation against any stupidity. Che Guevara like thing.

  4. Rajashekar, you say "I do not take sides nor judge anyone, but I do say, judge wisely.".

    You have to judge Shakira, and support the good in Shakira but detest the bad in her, then only are you true to her work.

    And another thing, Rajashekar, when you say that you do not judge anyone, I say any decision that you make in life with anyone, in fact any action that you do with anyone is based on an inherent judgement that you have of that person, that includes every sentence in your blog comment is a judgement.

    e.g. When you say "Anger should not cloud your judgement. I do not take sides nor judge anyone, but I do say, judge wisely.", this sentence it self is a product of the judgment that you made based on the blog article, is it not? There is a lot of judgement going everywhere, we cannot live without that. Judgement is required for our survival.

    This judgement based pseudo-ideology is common in our society and finds its root in the pseudo-interpretations of the Bible verses. When Jesus said "Do not judge others, and you will not be judged." Those pseudo-priests have distorted the true meaning of this line so much.

    And yet the same pseudo-priests talk about Jesus and his second coming, of how he is going to JUDGE people, one section to the left and the other to the right.

    In fact the very line "Do not judge others, and you will not be judged." is in itself a sentence of judgement that Jesus made after observing the reality of people.

    By "Judge" he meant that we should not judge a person based on "imagined based parameters" instead we must judge based on "functional based parameters". Please read this blog on saint and Sinner to understand this parameter terminology.

    Jesus is the greatest poet I have ever come across. A person has to be Jesus himself to some extent to understand him to that extent.

    Rajashekar, you with me!

  5. Oh I am with you in understanding but you are not with me :D.

    You write eloquently, when it is something which is passionate to you, but the same thing, I can also say about music.

    Whenever you say that there is plagiarizing of songs, and I disagree, I do not mean that the song has not been covered by any other artist. If this Dominican has a previous version, then this guy also has taken it from a traditional number. A lot of inspiration is required to make a music. You take it from anywhere. It is the touch of genius which make some songs great. Nobody will believe Shakira, who is a Columbian has written a song in Afrikaan. It is absurd to believe that. As far as the second Cameroonian group, they also have taken inspiration from tradition. I guess, having said that, Shakira needs to give credit to Africa, and not the both the parties involved in our discussion.

    Now as far as fooling people goes, it depends on what the people want. You cannot throw away every elected person and bring on anarchy. [I am saying only about FIFA and S.A. government. Please do not bring any other example/topic into this]. If the WC was to be held in S.A., it had to be under the aegis of FIFA. That is business. If I or you don't like business, then we can stay out, but it will not change what FIFA wants. This will happen to US also if it decides to hold WC. Please don't blame poor S.A. government, and when you do so, you are blaming thousands of people who worked hard to make this such a success. I was really proud to see the efficiency in execution of opening and closing ceremonies as well as the entire world cup. Can India say that the commonwealth games will be equally grand. I cannot say, but I will wait and hope it would be.

    Again when you say about dressing style of Shakira and rape in same paragraph, you do not get me when that particular style of dressing is common in such dance forms. Do you mean to state that prostitution was rampant in South America before the Portuguese and Spanish came? They had even 'worse' dressing style. I do not wish to comment on this topic anymore. I shall stick to mucic:P

    And I did not know Jesus said such a statement, and I do not (try to)understand also. But when you said that I am making judgement, may it be.. I do not even wonder why it should not be, but when you understand why I said 'do not let anger cloud your judgement' I shall be happy.

  6. See Rajashekar being with me,

    Rajashekar, I am not able to understand how you still appreciate Shakira for taking those songs without permission from the those original African Artistes. Suppose you were working very hard for a certain project in a company and after doing all the researching, designing, implementing. Someday I just copy your whole work, put my cover to it, and say it is mine, and I TAKE ALL THE PROFITS OF MONEY without even giving you the due credit or even to take your permission. How would you like that?

    Talking about Passion and Music, do you remember that day, the last time that we saw each other, I think it was was some years back in Dhanyal's room Hyderabad, you were going through my laptop, and all the music that I had in it. And you wanted to make a copy. And I refused and refused.

    I did not even give you the password to log in to the system.

    And after that incident, that very night, in front of Dhanyal, I shift deleted all the Pirated songs in my system. And the reason for this was that, I liked and respected U2 so much that I just could not keep a single pirated song of theirs. When I have extra cash, I go buy from the store. Or my last resort is to check That's how much I respect the musicians. I respect them so much that I don't want to even make a pirate copy of their work.

    I used to day dream those days that what if I met Bono face to face, what would it be like. What if Bono asked me whether I keep any pirated songs of his, he would not like it. So that would hurt him. So I deleted the pirated songs. I want to give reward to their work. Salary for your company project work. All Artistes must be given credit accordingly. How can you bypass them?

    Open source is a floating culture, "wikipedia" being an example of many benefits but open source has the problem of accountability too. e.g. I found that almost all the articles pertaining to Religion were highly stained.

    So we must know who is responsible for which and give credit if it's good stuff. This is a way of encouragement. Shakira should give credit. That is correct way. Even Opensource workers will at least give credit to the code writers. You are taking the credit for your comment too, it is yours.

    And I don't understand you when you say, "Now as far as fooling people goes, it depends on what the people want. You cannot throw away every elected person and bring on anarchy.".

    The people of Africa really want to be NOT RAPED, NOT TORTURED, NOT STARVED, they want their credit, but the Trade policies have kept them poor. And what has the psuedo-politicans of Africa and their brother foreigners been doing to the people of Africa. When were the leaders of Africa ever elected?

    In Africa there is no election anywhere I tell you. North Africa is filled with Pseudo-Islamic shit and some white mercenary merchants take advantage of the desert, Somalia suffers so much because of it. West Africa, Central Africa, South Afirca is filled with Civil tribe faction based politics, you might have watched "Blood Diamond", "Hotel Rwanda". Southern African countries filled with AIDS and corruption, my father used to work their in a country called Mozambique. Go to any hospital in Malawi and you can see an auditorium of AIDS patients.

    All people want HEALTH, but are they getting that? This is the whole idea of this blog. To torture-shock Africa to stand up.

  7. I love FIFA and I love SA and I love business. But all with integrity, we must love good money and not stolen money. Who likes it when a person takes credit for a goal that he did not score! Shakira? Hand goals? Who likes it when a referee cheats and gets biased? Who appreciates lack of integrity!

    Maradona was a great south American hero in football, he was magic, but he was a fool in life, his addiction with drugs, he promised his fans that he would run naked in the streets if his team won the cup this year, who wants to see his penis. Where is the ethics! Why to mix the shit hand of God goal with the real magic of Maradona, Maradona could have become a Great more complete man for S. America, he missed it. I like Adam Gilichirst when he shows honesty although most of his team mates were shit holders. South America needs good mentors. South America is suffering so much too. I know this very well.

    I was once sitting in a cafe near to my room in Rajendra Nagar Delhi, and this lady form Argentina was sitting next to me, she was living in a nearby place it seems, and she started lifting her skirt looking at me, showing me her thighs, she wanted sex it seems. She struck a conversation with me somehow, it irritated me so much. And I ignored her. I knew very well that even if she got a chance to sleep with all the guys of Delhi, she ain't gonna be happy ever, weird frustrated sex is not what she really needs, she needs a real man to care for her and caress her. When will she know what she really needs. And her sexual frustration, the pain in her eyes I could see, and I see very drstically reflected in the frustrated dresses of Shakiras and such ladies. That lady was from Argentina, and seeing her, her pains passed on to me right there.

    Have you heard the song "Don't cry for me Argentina" by Madonna. It is a about this politician lady called Eva Peron, she was a tigress. She died at 33. That song has some nice lyrics.

    Rajashekar, I quote your words
    "Please don't blame poor S.A. government"...

    Rajashekar, no where in my blog and earlier comments do I blame SA for the world cup that it conducted. No where. I never intended to give out such an impression. I am only blaming Shakira for her dressing and lack of respect for the original artiste, she should have taken permission from them, that is all. Where do I say that I blame South African govt and it's world cup, they did their job, kudos to them.

    Please check this, it is the third blog post of this blog,

    Shakira's song was very tasty too, no doubt about it, who can disagree! I only disagree with her lack of professionalism and unnecessary sexuality and yes, NOW, I clearly do blame the South African govt. for not correcting her mistake early on but only in this regard.

  8. See Rajashekar, about Rape, any culture that resorts or resorted to a sex based dresses, e.g. an exposee attractive dress like a Bikini or a over cover like a Burqa. Both induces so much sexual frustration in their communities. Any thing that swings to the extreme ends creates an imbalance and the men and women suffer.

    I am not against BIOLOGICAL NAKEDNESS as in itself, a naked child, a naked mother's breast, a naked wife to the husband, a naked old day to her caretaker, a naked patient to a doctor, there is a purpose to all that nakedness.

    I am against Sex stressed dresses like Bikini and Burqa which cause unnecessary sexual frustrations in most people watching around. People aint all saints. Do you know that much of the rape and sextrustations mostly happen in such countries that follow such distorted culture?

    And mind you, good Tribal people are in harmony with nature, they might be naked, but there is no rape there. They don't have those sexy imaginary parameters in their system, they sex-dance at the right occasions for the right purpose in the right place. In fact those people never need to rape, because they are not exposed to the imaginary sexual parameters that brainwash our life. Today, day in and day out, we just have one thing being conveyed, sex, fuck, sex, fuck, all tv ads, road posters, dresses, bikes, sun glasses, mobiles, toothpaste, jobs, community names, skin colour, skin cream, music, promiscuous girl, you know what I want, and I got what you need, yeah say it right baby.

    And today we have babies being raped. Yes, one chat friend of mine got raped by her brother. Another chat friend of mine, her little baby girl was raped by her new boyfriend, she had to fight in court for custody of the child. There is so much pain involved in all this.

    Whereas in Football Sports World cup motivation, there is no need for Shakira to invoke a world wide sex dance! Are the foot ball teams and audience getting ready for some Sexball world cup. All these stupid cheer leader shit! They mess with the brains of me and you and our brothers, and so many guys out there.

    And about the part of Jesus that you knew not, his verses have been heavily distorted, and those false ideas imposed have seethed to every corner of the world, politics, foreign policy, literature, shakespeare and yes especially rock music lyrics have been affected so much by them. The same music that you listen to.

    Church choir has a lot to do with the building up of the Music industry. You aree with me on that. Just like how the temple Ragas developed. Music has always been a tool used by the pseudo scholars to propagate their false ideologies.

    And about Anger. Anger empowers my messages, it amplifies the message. Never mean it to be a Nimbus clouding. All those great musicians had Anger. They needed it. All the drums and guitar riffs, can you not feel the anger empowering!

    Anger only made Che Guevara a greater man, but his cigar addiction only clouded it.

    We really need to know what clouds judgement and what does not. But to know that a particular message is being clouded, you need to first know that particular message properly to know whether it has been clouded or not.

    I blame myself for my poor presentation. Well that is that Rajashekar. I got to keep improving. Your feedback later on will be crucial.

  9. "Talking about Passion and Music, do you remember that day, the last time that we saw each other, I think it was was some years back in Dhanyal's room Hyderabad, you were going through my laptop, and all the music that I had in it. And you wanted to make a copy. And I refused and refused."

    Frankly, I don't remember this incident.

    I do not understand the concept of royalties which give money over and over again for one single product. I am all for giving money to artistes. I do not like to hear an artist who was unfortunate enough not to get due for his work and sometimes even die in poverty. So both are something which I do not like.

    I do not understand what you meant by Opensource as a floating culture. I want it to be the "in culture".

    If Africa doesn't have election, then there will be people who want that. They will make sure it is done. Maybe you want that too. Maybe you will one day make it(elections in Africa) happen. I remember that there were five elections - first two, won by Mandela. Second by Mbeki and another re-election and now Zuma.

    All the rest of what you have said are required by people around the world, not just Africa. That doesn't make them worse off. They don't need my sympathy. They want me to respect them. And I do.

    Nothing in Shakira dancing in skimpy dress will make her obscene. Not for me.

    You say that Church music distorts sayings by Jesus, and perfect example is Rock music. There again you are generalizing. You should realize that only true music stands test of time. As far as Rock music is concerned, I have heard some of the most powerful lyrics from the artists in Rock music. Even U2 is Rock musician. Now if I go on, I know you will say I am not understanding you again:) but lets put this argument at rest. There are lots of arguments and counters for all these.

    I understand your need for anger as a tool to weed out the bad. I understand every statement that you make but I will only say, Shakira has done nothing to deserve a statement that she is obscene.

  10. Shakira takes a tune from an artist without permission, that is obscene. If somebody makes the goal and somebody makes a cover to it and takes credit. I find it obscene.

    And I did not say that Shakira is obscene, I only said that her dress is obscene. Her dress and her dances moves are very very sexy, no one can deny. I would be happy to know that every wife was dancing like that for her husband in their own private quarters. But Shakira's sex dance and worldwide motivation of football don't mix any day.

  11. still, if she comes up with a "i have ripped of Africa" statement... will you forgive her :P


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