Why these London Riots?

London Riots started August 6th

I feel so sad for England, dear England, for the situation that it finds itself in, this great nation that once used to have the biggest empire in the world, this great nation whose language I use as I write right now. The country where the great Industrial revolution started. The youth of this country must find itself now.

The Prime Minister and the royal family will have to do some serious thinking and policy making, it is time to get things straight and steaming ahead.

Assumed reasons for the devastating England London Riots
1. Fatal shooting of a suspect by the police created a spark
2. Local tensions with police
3. High unemployment and cuts in public services
4. Economic crisis
5. Poverty; the growing gap between rich and poor
6. Lowest social mobility in the developed world
7. Criminal opportunism
8. Recreational violence
9. The Chief Constable of the West Midlands Police force is reported to have characterised the behaviour of rioters in Birmingham as being motivated by greed, not anger.

To see the map of attacks and to read the full coverage of events at BBC, click here.

"You have a generation of kids now that don't respect their parents or the police," chipped in his friend. "When we were youngsters we were made to have respect for the olders. Now if an older was to slap a youth that kid is going to pick up a hammer.

"I was one of these kids but it's bloody hard for them. There's nothing to do at all. University fees have gone up, education costs money. And there's no jobs. This is them sending out a message."
1. Immigration into UK must be reduced, as these outsiders take up most of the jobs.

2. The romantic and religious fundamentals has to be dealt with hard, fast and comprehensively.

3. Billions of Pounds should go into helping the youth to get back to reality and out of the f*** party.

4. Violence inducing elements of the society must be eradicated and isolated.

5. More prudence and caution in the police operations and justice systems.

To see the map of attacks and to read the full coverage of events at BBC, click here.


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  1. "High unemployment and cuts in public services" - give the people something to do and they'll keep quiet, like in jail :)

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