Twin towers

Yesterday night I was thinking about both of them, our geniuses Einstein and Tagore, I was thinking about their last words.

Einstein said that if he had a chance to live again, he would not be a physicist but a PLUMBER. And Tagore, his last words, were in tears, and when he was asked why he was crying, he cried saying that his songs were not good enough!

Both not satisfied with their great lives!

One gifted the world with his physics and that included the technology to build the weapons of MASS VIOLENCE. And the other gifted the world with his poetry and that included the affirmation to call Gandhi a Mahatma, a leader of MASS NON-VIOLENCE. 

No wonder they were not satisfied with their great lives that were just some few steps from enlightenment.

There is so much good to learn from these twin towers. But we the common masses should be better! That would make their souls rest in peace indeed.


  1. they had a lot to say, theyre quote still echo today, but they both not satisfied with their works.. i didn know that.

    thanx for sharing :)

  2. Ah Shimmer,

    you are wat time 10:06 am, I was expecting sometime around 6 am. :D


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