Home Remedy for Kidney stones treatment Kalurukki cure medicine

Kidney stones (Renal Calculi)
Surgical operation have many side effects and don't cure the problem, in fact there is no need for it.
Here are the two most effective medicines:

1. Banana Stem medicine

Common name: Varzhai thandu in Tamil, Varzha Pindee in Malayalam

Procedure: Get the banana stem of a banana tree that has already fruited, remove the outer coverings of the stem until you reach the core xylem part, cut the inner stem into several pieces, mix it with water and then extract out the juice by crushing the mixture using a grinder or a mixer and take out the resultant liquid and drink it. This juice crushes the stones and removes it out from the urinary tract. This juice is rich in fiber content and has a special medicinal property to crush the stones. The Banana stem is properly formed only after the banana tree has given ripe banana fruit.

2. Sweet Broomweed plant medicine

Common name: Kallurukki in Malayalam

Scientific name: Scoparia dulcis

Description: This is a green erect annual herb that grows up to 30 cm in height, in Kerala it is known as Kallurukki and it is used for the treatment of Kidney Stones, in fact in Malayalam, "Kal" means stone and "urukki" means "melter". This plant can be seen growing naturally in many parts of India as a weed.

Procedure: The whole part of the raw plant is to be ground, it can be made into a solid bolus to be swallowed or it can be boiled to give a dark liquid to drink.

Results: Very effective, the pain mostly goes away in just two days. Continue taking the medicine, the stones reduce in size and one might pass it out while urinating without any pain.

Diet pre-cautions: They say one must avoid tomato seeds, cabbage, cucumber intake must be reduced, palak, spinach, tea without milk. But yes, drink lots of water and pass out urine frequently.


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  1. Hmmm,These ones quite interesting.
    Glad to be here.

    Best regards,

    Home Remedies..

  2. These ayurvedic treatments are much much better than the surgeries which causes a lot of side effects and complications in kidney patients especially for those who are diabetic...More awareness to be created among the people about these simple techniques...

  3. Such Ayurvedic remedies based on locally available plants without much industrial processing are very cost effective and highly potential. Spread this knowledge, which we lost due to the colonial rule.

  4. Such Ayurvedic remedies based on locally available plants without much industrial processing are very cost effective and highly potential. Spread this knowledge, which we lost due to the colonial rule.

  5. Good message for kidney stone patients.

  6. This is really good medicine, im taking now. Pain goes with 2 days completely, and by the stone size you may feel the irritation in urinal path after taking this kalluruki medicine, but keep on drink the water and pass urin frequently. This will help you surely.

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  8. Even in severe conditions, these two remedies are just wonderful. Last time I could avoid spending Rs one and a half lakes on a hospital procedure heeding to the advice of our maid about these treatments

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