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It was Ambedkar alone who truly mobilized the most depressed classes of India to have some or even have a partial chance to take part in the country's development after the Britishers were digested and rejected out.

B R Ambedkar cartoon in NCERT's STD XI Political Science text book.

This cartoon tries to portray that Ambedkar and the snail constitution needs to be whacked by Nehru for it to move forward with the whole country watching. Ambedkar was actually to be placed on royal horse, a most royal horse with Nehru as its coach, for Ambedkar was that seabiscuit jockey who fast forwarded the development of so many depressed millions in this country, and Nehru was that coach who laid the foundation for so many engineering and scientific missions in the country and he indeed put the country on the right track, how dare the cartoonists make such a cartoon of them and put them in the NCERT books for the youth to mock over! It's true that our freedom fighters had many faults, but our job is not just to learn from their mistakes but also to complete the wonderful noble jobs that they started.

To understand Ambedkar better, please watch the movie by the Jabbar Patel, in English in Hindi

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