How to Localize Your Amazon Links: Wordpress

People have been making millions of dollars from these Amazon affiliate programs. This is not for US only, it targets the whole world. You can join the international affiliate programs for Amazon to make even more money. Now the Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer is a cool tool that can localizes your affiliate links.

Download this wordpress plugin and it will localize the ads according to the visitor’s locale. The blogger blogspot plugin to localize is not yet available.

#1 – Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer.

Provide your affiliate ID  to this plugin and it finds the amazon links on your blog and automatically converts them into affiliate links
#2 – Amazon Autoposter.
This plugin will make ads automatically on your blog according to the keywords that you give.
#3 – Amazon Product In a Post Plugin.
This plugin will add specific products to any post by displaying the amazon product on top and bottom of the post.  You must provide the affiliate ID to activate this plugin. This can be customized through the CSS to change the look.
#4 – WP Amazon Ads.
This is for multi author blogs.  You can now share the earned amazon revenue with other authors as they could include their affiliate ID. Download WP Ads Plugin
#5 – Amazon Store.
This creates an Amazon store in your blog, you can have your shopping cart there for your visitors, and you can even categorizr the list as you wish.
§  Have a look on the Amazon Stores Screenshots.

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  1. Hey there. You might be interested in a new plugin called 'Super Amazon Link Localizer' which works on Blogger blogs; you just drop a snippet of Javascript into your template and it will automatically localize the Amazon links on your blog posts.



  2. @Billy

    Whoops, forgot the link. You can find it here: Super Amazon Link Localizer, or click on my name to find it.

  3. If you are looking for a good contextual ad network, I recommend you take a peek at ExoClick.


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