Ambedkar: A victim of Pseudo-Hinduism

22 Vows of Ambedkar
  1. I shall have no faith in Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara nor shall I worship them.

  2. I shall have no faith in Rama and Krishna who are believed to be incarnation of God nor shall I worship them.

  3. I shall have no faith in Gauri, Ganapati and other gods and goddesses of Hindus nor shall I worship them.

  4. I do not believe in the incarnation of God.

  5. I do not and shall not believe that Lord Buddha was the incarnation of Vishnu. I believe this to be sheer madness and false propaganda.

  6. I shall not perform Shraddha nor shall I give pind-dan.

  7. I shall not act in a manner violating the principles and teachings of the Buddha.

  8. I shall not allow any ceremonies to be performed by Brahmins.

  9. I shall believe in the equality of man.

  10. I shall endeavor to establish equality.

  11. I shall follow the noble eightfold path of the Buddha.

  12. I shall follow the ten paramitas prescribed by the Buddha.

  13. I shall have compassion and loving kindness for all living beings and protect them.

  14. I shall not steal.

  15. I shall not tell lies.

  16. I shall not commit carnal sins.

  17. I shall not take intoxicants like liquor, drugs etc.

  18. I shall endeavor to follow the noble eightfold path and practice compassion and loving kindness in every day life.

  19. I renounce Hinduism, which is harmful for humanity and impedes the advancement and development of humanity because it is based on inequality, and adopt Buddhism as my religion.

  20. I firmly believe the Dhamma of the Buddha is the only true religion.

  21. I believe that I am having a re-birth.

  22. I solemnly declare and affirm that I shall hereafter lead my life according to the principles and teachings of the Buddha and his Dhamma.


Ambedkar was a first class victim of Pseudo-Hinduism, but he failed to eliminate it for he was still frustrated regarding certain things, but he did what he did to fight it.

A man he was. Through Ambedkar so many great things happened to the Indian constitutional Law. His impact has helped so many. But every error he made in his understanding and purifying of Religion has been counter-used by the Pseudo-Hindus to continue their unconscious hypocrite legacy. There is still so much to do. Ambedkar II, where are you?


  1. You mentioned 'Pseudo Hinduism' a number of times in the post. But what did you mean by it?
    And what was wrong with his proclamations?

  2. We know what Pseudo means, it means "False". Now to give you an example for Pseudo Hinduism...most of the things happening in the temples are not according to the scriptures, everything is deeply distorted, no body is being taught the essence of TRUE Hinduism. e.g. We have Krishna temples that have admin pujaris that give prasad to the followers, NOT a single pujari does his real job which is to give the REAL PRASAD to the followers of Krishna, Krishna taught so much in the Gita. But these pseudo Pujaries doNOT educate the masses. No body reads the Yoga Vasistha to understand Rama.

    And reading and by hearting those verses is not the point, we need to understand the verses with our own eyes seeing the observations first hand, this Krishna tells to Arjuna. Only after understanding the essence only then can we focus on the real Krishna, the vigraha in the temple is only a focal point to look at, to get our concentration heightened on Krishna's teachings. But instead of that we look at the vigraham and start "wish-making" as if the vigraham is some kind of a wish-genie.

    Then there are thousand other examples of Pseudo Hinduism, there is Chathan devil worship, then there is pseudo-caste system, pseudo-untouchability, pseudo puranas...and hundreds of distorting commentaries/interpretations on the Scriptures.

    Do we read the Shiva Sutras, how many of us know what Adi Shankara was trying to say, how many of us know that Ramakrishana Paramahamsa had to kill his deity Mahakali to reach further towards the final goal? How many of us know that Ram as a young man toured the country and was sad at its poor state of affairs?

    Instead, we are just fed with Ramayana stories and Mahabharatha stories which are diluted and charming to the superficial sensibilities.

    And about Ambedkar....

    He was tortured as a young Kid, tortured means tortured. He had to suffer a lot due to the pseudo-untouchability traditions. Infact Ambedkar is not his name, it is his Teacher's name, he wanted to get rid of the pseudo-caste surname propaganda. He knew that the flag was Saffron for Hindu, Green for Islam, so he suggested the Dharma wheel of Buddhism to be on the flag, he fought hard for that.

    Now to tell you where Ambedkar went wrong...

    All the teachings of Buddha are actually just another perspective of what Shiva and Krishna tried to teach.

    If you notice, Shiva and Buddha are both commonly seen in the meditating posture. Perhaps Shiva was the first to discover the art of meditation. Buddha and Mahavira were reformers, the Che Guevaras of their time.
    If one reads the teachings of Buddha and the true teachings of Shiva, there is no clash in the inner essence, in fact I see it clearly that Buddha is a great example to study the Krishna's Gita.

    Ambedkar was supposed to fight against Pseudo-hinduism and not Hinduism itself as a whole.

    It is absurd to uphold "pyar" and at the same time to denounce "love".

    And the other mistake that he made unknowingly is that, the law sanctioned quota system to help the poor people has only re-enforced and solidified the pseudo-caste system in India. In fact I know many rich scheduled caste people who want to remain scheduled class always so that they can keep getting all the extra benefits. And the upper class people maintain the status to keep their cheap narcissism going, they need the elevated status symbol to have a grip over the sleeping masses.

    Ambedkar did his job, some body has to continue it, Ambedkar II.

  3. Ambedkar under d emotional effect of what he suffered had made a reservation system which instead of solving d problem had make it large and beyond d repair
    hus ideas are so deeply rooted tht nw evn he cnt change them they are modifidd for d use of selected lot only


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