Smriti Irani v/s Kanhaiya Kumar: Quint Bollywood Edition Download Free

"Maiyya Yashoda, Ye Tera #Kanhaiya," complains Smriti Irani in afilmy twist.

People have not appreciated this video.
 That's right. You can keep someone in jail for weeks on the basis of doctored videos, but don't you dare use 'doctored' videos for laughter. Oh no sir, that's blasphemy for this nation. unsure emoticon
 shame on The Quint I know you can not give respect to HRD minister Smriti Zubin Irani, at least give respect to the #yugpurush delhi cm Arvind Kejriwal & the #JUNUTOPPER
And you guys support making explicit jokes on Rahul Gandhi & Arvind Kejriwal but dare if anyone trolls a BJP leader then you guys start a revolt against them?! Wow tolerance!
Election Commission declares NDTV as a political party...
lol u should've respect our uneducated education minister. Baaki sab bekaar Ak & Kanhaiya according to ________.
SHAMEFUL video ! Only in India can you go to such lengths and get away with it . Completely in bad taste guys have no respect or regard for the ruling party but at least show some sensitivity towards women!
This is gross, good or bad does not matter. Making fun of people is not good. It shows your narrow-mindedness to get cheap publicity. Kanhaiya has been charged with sedition and those who are making fun have not been to a court or faced trial or spent a day in jail. Act like a sensible and matured person. You can criticise someone with words and not with a doctored video.

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