Clean and green

I will contribute to make my environment clean and green.

I will conserve water by turning off all the taps when not in use.

I will conserve electricity by switching off all the lights and fans whenever I go out of my room.

I will plant saplings and care for their survival and make Delhi and my country greener.

I will not litter on road and public places.

I will minimize the use of vehicles which pollute our city and get my vehicle checked for pollution regularly.

I will segregate my household waste into biodegradable waste (kitchen waste), non-biodegradable waste (glass & plastics)

I will not use plastic bags because they choke drains.

I will use cloth/jute bags instead of plastic bags.

Deed done is thousand times better than words.

I love my country

We all can make a difference.


From Rakesh Bhalla

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