The breaking cross

The train journey to Delhi was hectic yet so much fun. I met people, played with little kids, made friends, made speeches and yeah made many new observations to work upon. And one observation that I wish to quickly share with you is that the youngsters of India are pretty smart, they click the facts pretty quick, and yes we do produce the best workers in the world, provided we have good policy makers there is no way that India is going to go down any drain. This country is only going to rock diamond and solid gold.

I had fun talking to those young chaps in the train, I got ears turning, they got readily sparkled by the deep thoughts conveyed and that made me feel so much at ease. We talked business, religious traditions, politics and yeah about life itself. And yes I punched them hard with some seriously dominating observations/facts which they did swallow with difficulty. Maybe I should get some easy books published and get them marketed at the railway platform footpaths.

The journey should have taken just 44 hours but due to some traffic problem we had an additional bonus 10 hours. I reached at Hazratji Nizamudin Station at 1 AM, so I had to wait till 6 AM for the metro train stations to open to reach Anup's place at Botanical garden. Slept at the station nicely with the co-passengers, beggars and dogs, the floor was clean.

But I was not brave enough to go and barge myself into the people out there in different compartments, there were different kinds of people in the environment, some sadhus in saffron, some bearded men in skull caps, some nuns with the cross, and then yes there was this pack of Sikh families in yellow orange robes that arrived at the railway station being led by a man carrying a sword and that really looked medieval, seems they were on a pilgrimage. Two important Gurudwaras in Delhi, Bangla Sahib famous for the story of that young boy Guru Hari Krishan and the other one is Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib which was built to commemorate the historical fact of the martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bhadhur at Chandi Chowk. A Pseudo Muslim ruler called Aurangezeb asked him to convert to Pseudo-Islam or to get beheaded. The Guru chose to die. He died for the world, a great man he was.

Then to talk about business, I was talking to this fresher engineer from Nagpur who was planning to start a company. I asked him where in India would he prefer to set his venture. I then quoted Chief minister Narendra Modi's words on his state Gujarat, "For entrepreneurs, no red tape, only red carpet in my state". Yes, indeed Gujarat is a good place for your business ventures, I tell you, it makes a big difference. The policies taken up to promote entrepreneurship in Gujarat are pretty good.

Modi should be purified out of all his pseudo-religious gimmicks and be fully involved solely in the Union ministry of Commerce and Industry. This man is smart, he has a vision for industrial development. C Subramaniam did a great job for the agricultural sector in the Seventies, he got a Bharat Ratna for that. Modi too has that caliber for the industrial sector, I really wish I could contact and help him see things clearly, he does have a good website

Then about politics, yes I met this guy who was a big fan of Mikhail Gorbachev and Fidel Castro. While talking to him about politics of India, this symbol of the swastika came to my mind. I like his symbol of peace. It's a symbol used world over, going way back to the ancient times, the ancient Indians, Harappans, red-Indians, Celts, Norse, the Chinese, Tibetians. And yes in modern times, that distorted-politician Hitler used it for his wrong pseudo-agendas and so this symbol is banned in Germany as it reminds them of Nazi terrorism. It is a very controversial symbol alright. In fact there is a website dedicated to it just to reclaim the pristine meaning to this symbol. And so putting all that Hitler pseudo-aryan stories aside. I would love to revive this symbol too if I were to join politics because many of my observations are well represented by it.

In Sanskrit, the word "Swastika" denotes "well being".
I give it a new name on my own non-authority,

I call it the "The breaking cross".

Note: One lesson that I learned from this train journey was that, I really don't need any credentials to support my words/observations, they rise and fall on their own. They need no authorization. "I" is just a first person singular pronoun. So I tell them to to either to Take it or Fake it.

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