Aamir Khan's speech at Anna Hazare's Lokpal Campaign

Altruist Aamir Khan supports populist Anna Hazare

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  1. cool!! nice article..
    this was also a nice article.. http://fossbytes.blogspot.com/2011/08/why-i-cant-be-in-annas-chappals.html

  2. Every Indian should go to the polls and not Vote by opting for Section 49-O.
    See the fun then....it will be a kick in the face of all political parties.They are all same!!!
    The political candidates will not only waste all the huge election expenses they have incurred but will be deterred to contest the polls next time.People should do it again and again till the political parties come out with the candiadtes of immaculate charatcter.At least the political parties will become bankrupt this way; and vomit out all the black money they have.Anna should make a call to the people to do this!!!


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