The political mother: Annie Besant & Sonia Gandhi

Annie Besant and Sonia Gandhi

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Sonia Gandhi gän´dē , 1946-, Indian politician, b. Turin, Italy, as Sonia Maino. She met Rajiv Gandhi in 1965 when they were students in Cambridge, England. They were married in 1968 and settled in his family home in India. Sonia Gandhi, who became an Indian citizen in 1983, was close to her mother-in-law, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi , accompanying her on many trips throughout India. When Indira was assassinated (1984) and succeeded as prime minister by Rajiv, Sonia remained in the background. When Rajiv, too, was assassinated (1991), she continued to shun political life. She finally entered the public arena in 1998, campaigning for the faltering Congress party (see Indian National Congress ); she was instrumental in Congress's winning an increased number of seats in parliament and was elected head of the party. In the 1999 elections Gandhi won a seat in parliament but failed to lead Congress in a return to power. When the 2004 elections resulted in a surprise victory for Congress and its allies, she chose not to become prime minister but remained the influential leader of the party. She resigned from parliament in 2006 when opposition politicians sought to have her disqualifed because she also headed the National Advisory Council (NAC), an unsalaried government post that nonetheless could be considered an "office of profit" and subject her to parliamentary disqualification. At the same time she also resigned her NAC post. Despite critics who object to her Italian birth, Sonia Gandhi, along with her son, Rahul, and daughter, Priyanka, remain immensely popular heirs to the Nehru family dynasty.


Mother! Yes, I have only one mother, the mother at home, one mother always and no other. But I can always have foster-mothers and social-mothers and charitable-mothers and political mothers!!! 

Interestingly, the country is currently spruced up with many lady politicians, Sonia Gandhi, Mayawati, Mamata Bannerjee, Jayalalitha and Sheila Dikshit. And they all hold a pretty consistent track record. And one lady that started it all was I guess, that one lady. That other foreigner lady who did lead the Congress apart from today's Sonia Gandhi.

So talking about politics, yeah today in India, yes we have the Gandhi ever again, Sonia Gandhi, yeah how I once wished that she was my real mother, so it would be that easy to be at the helm of things, no struggle, be a son and the auto-smiling general secretary of the leading part of the country. But as for now, I think it is the suffering that counts, struggle heals the body, mind and soul. Leaders are born after the labour pain, never otherwise, similarly leadership is born in that leader only after struggle, never otherwise. The struggle defines the leader. Well, I don't know much about Sonia Gandhi, but I always do like the way she dresses her self.

For those who know the little about her, here are some pictures to see.

"I am convinced that the time is ripe for a massive renaissance of our political culture so that we build that society which combines compassion with competence, equity with excellence." 
- Smt. Sonia Gandhi

Well, I, we know very little about her. Sometimes I think it is not she who runs the Congress party, but rather a think-tank illuminati, they tell her what to do. People say that she makes a puppet out of Manmohan Singh our Prime minister, but I say there is some unknown group above her that pulls the strings.

But, I cannot underestimate this woman, I admire some things about her, the very reason why I have blogged on her. I think she is a lady who is very very good at understanding the political voting psychology of the people better than many out there, this has made her tick. 

And so now I am blogging on politics, all these days it has been religion talk, so now politics, I pity all the political parties of India, they know so little about India. I say this because all their people policies are like egg shells. I should show you concrete proof when I say this. But do I? Everyone knows this. It's self-evident.

They look pure and white from outside and then one crack, and it's bull's eye feast for the common housefly. I have got sick and tired of all the dinner-table/lunch-table/newspaper-giggle talks...people love to sit in their little shells and blame the politicians, it is true most of our politicians are just business minded, slave minded and statistics minded. There is no leader anywhere to be seen in them. 

Virtue is the quality basis for a good leader. People forget! They vote for the corrupt one. But they forget that if they vote for the corrupt one for protection, the same corrupt one corrupts the same people in turn with an illusion to think that they are protected, and the people are left un-sheltered in sham. 

Why vote for the common thief to protect your wealth!!

Are you voting for a leader to protect you truly, 
or for a dummy who can fall for your personal bribes?
Is protection assured?
The true filthy politicians are the filthy people themselves!
Is it not?
And we suffer.

But why are the people not awakened even then!
Where are the awaken-ers to wake the people?

Gandhi praised Annie Besant saying that 
it was she who woke the people from the sleep.
But we forget her! 
Our history textbooks forget her exact significance. 
Is it not?

I blame us the people. We are the leading political party of the nation, we are responsible. And we keep mis-voting for the mis-leaders right from family dinner table talks and the college level politics, yeah I was a keen observer during my college days. Original thoughts are so less in our society. In fact, recently I was reading some books of Osho, and I found out that the silly chit chat political talks that people make have just passed on from the original thoughts that Osho made several years ago. Osho's books are still a big hit. And people just copy-blurt out the same shit. I think after Gandhi, the next soul to be born with a great pattern in politics was Osho himself. But I think Osho got fooled out of that in-born track by Nehru himself, the first prime minister. When Osho was a small kid, he met Nehru, and Nehru warned him not to enter politics. Osho fell for the trap and never recovered. There was nothing wrong for Osho to enter politics, he had the talent to be a revolutionary. But that's how destiny had it, Osho ended up becoming one of the most misunderstood, un-appreciated, misinterpreted unfulfilled teachers of our time. I feel sorry for him. And we the people, we kill the true leader soul in the bud itself.

We are the true leaders in the leader selection democratic system, never otherwise, the democratic structure is that beautiful! It gives us so much power to lead the decision on who should be our leader, and what we have done is that, we just lay eggs for the the egg shell political heads.

Actually we don't know how to vote!!! Did anyone teach us? Will anyone ever teach us? Do we know who is the right leader? It takes virtuous people to recognize a virtuous leader, is it not? So give me a break! So what's it going to take? So who is going to make the people virtuous? A leader right?

A Virtuous-leader is required to lead the people into virtue so that the people should vote for the virtuous leaders. But how does the same Virtuous leader get his leadership authority/recognition over the people in the first place? This is the problem in Democracy, it is self destructing if left without a holistic monitoring. So the entry of the  Virtuous leader has been blocked totally. This is the reason for our stupid leaders in our societies all over the world. 

Like in India, we voted for the grand father to be prime minister, then we voted for the daughter, then the son, then the son's wife, then the son's son is next, then? What is this mockery of mockeries that we make of our selves? We sleep, and in our sleep we dream of sleeping, and in that level of dream sleep, we are dreaming of another sleep... such is the level of sleep.

When we use our COMMON sense, prima facie, voting culture looks self-empowering! We love it. But is it empowering the angel inside us or is it empowering the devil inside us? We the masses are not aware of the psychology of our voting mind! And the same question comes, who is going to make the people aware? What is the goal of leadership? To lead the people from underdeveloped/sad days to happy days, right? But Democracy keeps the blind people blind and the happy people happy.

So how do we get the virtuous leaders into the non-virtuous-people's power-systems? How do you the virtuous get the authority over the people without getting the authority from the people! This is the unanswered question! This loophole is the very reason for dictators, monarchs, theocrats, family dynasties power-systems which are all based on external non-people authority.

So my answer to this IMPORTANT question is simple: The budding-seed-virtuous leader has to struggle against the whole non-virtuous system! Obviously, has to fail, will fail, no human can lift a mountain. Case closed! It cannot be done! We are doomed, is it? 

Hey, everything can't be done, but something can be done alright. A single candle flame can light up a thousand candles, is it not? A single candle can illuminate a very dark room, is it not? So it is all about knowing what one individual can do, and doing it, virtuous step by virtuous step. 

But there are others who cheat their way to glory, they take to corruption to reach out as a leader of the masses and then plan to be virtuous from there, hello, egg shell! 

Gandhi did not take the corrupt way when he tried to enter into politics, he had already made a name for himself in South Africa by destiny, but he did do a cunning thing to get the quick admiration of the Indian people, he took up a Saint-image in front of the people, and the people of India love and link with Saint types especially the mediocre ones, and Gandhi used that image to propel his political career all the way, maybe he did it unconsciously. But he did it alright! That small cunning saint image that he took, coupled well with our distorted ideas of religion cost us the partition of India, because "Saint" Gandhi who was personally in favor of all religion styles was branded as Hindu by default, since the religion systems never allow a person to be a Saint of Hinduism and Islam at the same time, we the common masses cannot see that happening, and so the branding and consequently the partition. 

So it has to be one virtuous clear step after another, no cunning short cuts absolutely, no self-proclaimed authorizations, no power purchasing, no miracles, no brain washing, no belief systems, no nothing, those incomplete-short cuts have cost humankind dearly, the side effects are so damaging. 

And these days the techniques that the Urban minds are taking up are to wipe out Religion, for example in India, the neo-classes want to be outside the names of Hinduism and Islam and all other religious symbols, so problem solved, no religion names at all to create division illusions. But again in the process of wiping out religion, morality goes tremendously low, rapes and prostitution, greed has increased. 

As long as the Virtuous ones are yet to reach the top leadership role in the virtuous way, we are all just going to go on in this goose chase circle of dreaming for a better future. Things are always going to be stagnant and the inherently similar. Money might increase, GDP might increase, but on the other hand the morals of the people will go down, that is the cost for the acquired GDP, our planet gets annihilated. People are still suffering even in the highly developed countries. 

It is not gratification that people need, it is happiness, an inner fulfillment of life for each individual, is it not?

We got to be practical right. Well, as for now and forever, directly I can do absolutely nothing for the people, I can feel for them, that is all, only the people can save themselves, what can I do. I am blogging all this here, just because it gives me an inner happiness for my life now. I feel for some time that my heart is in tune to reality. The default nature of the human heart is to love.

Mothers where are you? Please oh, young mothers of Earth people, please give birth to some virtuous daughters and sons of the leadership clan, and so that whenever you spot a child with such a leadership quality, the plan is to indirectly get her/him to think freely and to make her/him see the reality, now that's a plan, very slow but great but genuine in theory at least! 

Well, Gandhi tried this thing with his own sons! He tried to impose his thoughts on them, he used his father authority to control them into becoming like him, but his techniques failed miserably, he died a very unsatisfied father. He failed because his sons never ever had those leadership qualities that he had. 

Chanakya spotted a boy playing with others on a hill, he called him and made Chandragupta the Maurya emperor out of him. The hill became the biggest empire. But Chanakya was cruel, he used all cruel political games to get the empire going. The empire was always in war.

When Gandhi met little Osho at the train station, there Gandhi should have had the sight to see the leader bud, but he failed, Kasturba his wife jokingly said hey, "you have met your equal", God talked through her but Gandhi did not see that little leader in the little one. Yeah at the subconscious level such things happen, fathers want only their own sperms to become the future supermen, some super ego crappy crap. My own parents have been doing this to me in subtle ways, yeah most parents do it to make children their puppets, but I am sick of it. 

I am lucky that M S Swaminathan came into my life to rescue me a little, he is like a hero figure to me, such a nice man he is. The man behind the food-revolution in India. I sent him my poetry book asking him for advice and he sent me his biography book in return, so nice of him. I wish I could meet him someday. He is one of the best men alive on Indian soil today. He was not into politics but he was a government servant, C. Subramaniam the then minister of agriculture saw the need for the food-revolution and paved the way for it. There was a famine in the 60s, the Indian food revolution was called for. Everyone needs food alright, it is a basic immediate need! So the revolution got revolving easily alright!

But in politics, you are looking for a virtue-revolution. When has the abstract word "virtue" ever been the basic immediate need of the common masses! 

But it is "Virtue" alone that propelled the Subramaniam and Swaminathan team to work for the food revolution, is it not? Such is the political illusion! 

We need to protect the children of the future from our political delusions.

Yes, the political mother has so much a role in protecting the leader that exists, if the quality exists inside the child. Oh, political mothers, free your political children! Let your child have some of that original thought-provoking to do on his/her own.

And so talking about political lady that I have come to admire so much is our dear British native Annie Besant 1847-1933. A kind of unsung hero of our Indian history, there is very little mentioned about her in our streets and talks, rarely do we give much importance to this extremely hard working creative and constructive lady. She was one lady with lots of individuality, she fought for what ever she thought was right.

Annie Besant

Married at the age of 19 to a clergyman, she used to write short stories for children, but her husband gave her no financial freedom, back then women did not have the legal right to to own property, and local politics between farmers and owners affected the couple, Annie supported the farmers, her husband supported the owners and this lead to the break up. She began to question some of the distorted beliefs of the church faith systems. Then, she began to support the Irish self rule movement. She met George Bernard Shaw who praised her to be the best orator of Europe, they became friends and he introduced her to the social democratic movement called the Fabian Society. Later, she became a Marxist and started taking responsibility for women's rights. Then she joined the Co-Freemasonary, an esoteric society that allows both men and women to work side by side. From there she joined the spiritual Theosophist society, and became it's president in 1908. That makes her journey to India to Adyar in Madras. She became like a foster mother to a young boy called Jiddu Krishnamurti who was chosen to be the vehicle for the "World Teacher Theosophist Project", but the project failed, but Krishnamurti went on to become a noted spiritual guru. Parallel to her Theosophist activities, she established the Central Hindu College and she joined forces with Malviya to establish the Banaras Hindu University. She toured the country to understand its situation. She joined the Indian National Congress and became its first woman president. She went on with her struggle to help the Indians with the Home Rule League movement based on the the Irish model. She started the news paper 'New India', she was the one who coined the word "Commonwealth". 

She was the most significant personality in the Indian Freedom struggle at that time till the political mastery of the Gandhi arrived on the scene. 

A living life...In her own words

"Never forget that life can only be nobly inspired and rightly lived if you take it bravely and gallantly, as a splendid adventure in which you are setting out into an unknown country, to meet many a joy, to find many a comrade, to win and lose many a battle." 

- Annie Besant


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  1. The idea that Sonia might be a puppet of another group is unsettling.
    If at all something of that sort is happening, it would be a foreign group. Is nt that all the more so? :)

  2. Well, I don't know, it was just a feeling in my heart, but yes it makes sense wif I say tat Soniaji must be discussing it out with a think-tank group within the Congress party atleast.


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