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A European declaration of independence
Anders Behring Brievik

(Andrew Brewick)

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I say,
"All fascist regimes either convert their proponents into terrorists or their opponents into terrorists."

I am not a supporter of Andrew Brewrick' terrorist attack on the innocent civilians, my grief goes to all the affected families and to the Scandinavian nation of Norway. But I say that Ander's vision shows that he wished to see his world to be free from fascist regimes like Nazism, Marxism, Islamic world dominationism and all such extremism.'

The Eurabian neurosis

I just saw an interview of some criminal psychologist who compares Anders to a computer gamer, playing dragon age 2, some fighting simulation game.

There have been so many such romantic lunatics in the history of civilization who dreamt of world domination, and I have seen this narcissist tendency in almost all the great founders of the spiritual divine blessed religions and several core political ideologies. Like Hitler dreaming of Germany ruling the world, Marx dreaming about the Proletariat and in the case of Islam, Mohammed and his Qu'ran dreaming that the whole world should be according to Mohammed's ideas adoring him as the perfect model with divine authority. This narcissitic fascist tendency can be seen in several nationalist policies too.

I feel so sorry for Anders's victims, I mean, Anders Brievik went on to become a monster to dream about getting rid of another fascist monster with his anti-muslim crusade. But I'm afraid that this is only going to increase the growth of fascist regimes all over the world, in fact his vision to free the whole world from fascism is again another fascist ideology at work.

I say, people are what they are. Their killing games for pleasurable ideas. We should learn from the animals,  animals do not kill themselves for romantic ideas.

The beloved and respected religious teachers like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and Krishna were all people who supported only those who would model themselves according to their whims and ideas. They themselves dreamt of world domination.

According to Jesus, all those who do not accept his name will go to hell, that means non-christians like Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Bill Gates........ get to go to hell forever after death and get to be burnt forever inside an eternal inferno of terror under the supervision of terrorist bombing blastitudes. Same goes with the teaching of Mohammed in the Islamic context.

According to Buddha, everybody must walk on his path that he came up with, one must give away all the wealth, all his natural deisres and take a begging bowl, a bikhu, walk on the esteemed eight fold path, and they should meditate like him, do his things and be like him exactly, and finally one fine day, they will come out of their misery and have eternal happiness called nirvana. The awakened one. According to my study of Indian history, I have come to understand that Buddha is highly responsible for the poverty and famine that India suffered so much over the centuries, due to his no-money making policy. And because of his era of no-weapon policies, India could not advance its weapon technology and war strategies at par with other civilizations, and so ended up becoming a slave of the Afghans and later the British, how many women got raped, how many people starved.

The only exception in the history of this country in its freedom struggle, was Tipu Sultan, he fought till his last breath on the battle field against the British colonialists, and so I admire Tipu Sultan so much for this, he was the first to start the project to develop Missile technology. Later on, this APJ Kalam jettisoned all his energy to develop some serious arsenal. Thanks to Indira Gandhi's nuclear vision. Without those nuclear weapons, India could just be another walk in the Iraq or untalibanned Afghanistan. No external country can mess with my country. I feel so sorry for the human beings of these nations.

No country, not even US or Israel or China or Saudi Arabia or any other country can mess with India, for we have the nuclear capacity to defend ourselves, I thank Indira Gandhi not Mahatma Gyaandee.

We can't be disrespected by external organizations and nations by war muscle any more. But internally India is still suffering so much, oh how one could wish one could do something to get rid of these internal elements.

India, my country has suffered so much, man, I am so sick and tired of seeing all those children suffering selling chai by the roads, instead of focusing on responsibility I see lots of people vesting most of their interests and energy in religiosity, and then you read about some train being blasted by bombs, and the journey goes become a slumdog millionaire is it?

As for now the most important thing for India and its government has always been to possess a responsible and stable economy, and so I see the people of India and its manmohanic leaders just ignoring every single terrorist bomb blast or kasab case as though they are watching just another horror-thriller Bollywood movie, a movie with no hero, no heroine, no melodious song and no climax, a movie that comes with a free ticket and the show just goes on and on..........for centuries.... I feel so sorry for India. I feel sorry for its neighbours too. I feel sorry for Pakistan, I feel sorry for the Kashmiris. What is going on in Burma? Was the "John Rambo" movie enough? Was Bono's "Walk on" enough?

So we pretend to see it as another mosquito bite that failed to come to light. As an individual I can do nothing substantial. The media people can just grumble and mumble and jumble.

This blog post is what I have. Maybe a website later.

But India has had its intelligent and clean warriors, where are you all? Is the time not ripe enough? They say revolutions have a timing of their own. It would be so nice to see the Indian population displacing all its religiosity aside to its proper position and taking up the responsibility of the nation.


  1. Interesting insights here.

  2. Totally right... I agree with you. Hope our world will get rid of these powerful organizations and that the future generations will taste the real freedom. Milena.

  3. Do not download .. do not give that psychopath any attention. Let him rot in jail

  4. The psychopath was created by his environment. The environment created the demand for psychopaths. The environment is responsible. And such manifestos are but a feedback to what it creates.

  5. It's a shame he was caught on not killed in the act. he would die fighting for his ideals, honorable.

  6. Talk about psychopaths. How many innocent people have starved to death or died from the elements of homelessness all because of the psychopaths that make up the Federal Reserve, the CFR, the Bilderberg group, etc.? How come they don't get to rot in jail for crimes against humanity?

  7. Yes, they are psychopaths too, I guess of a worse kind. But the common people have such corrupt leaders because the common people themselves are kind of very corrupt.

    I guess it will take lots of will and energy to clean up the mess. I know it can be done but only with loads of investment.

  8. even a norwejian understands indian history better than neo-secular hindus .......... how can we overlook the muslim misadventure in our country for over a thousand years in the name of maintaining communal harmony ........
    temples razed , women raped , children orphaned , culture destroyed ......... how long will we overlook all it .... unless our own wife and daughter dont get raped , temples are not razed in front of our eyes ......
    wen we cannot tolerate even someone spiting on photograph of our father or mother ......HOW CAN WE OVERLOOK THE past ........


  9. Revolution has a timing of its own. When we get the chance to create a chance, we must protect India in the name of India.

    I am interested in INDIA TODAY. All these Rams and Mohammeds are just failed legacies of the uncivilized past. If the Ram legacy was that great, our history would never have been victimized by so many problems for so many centuries.

    As an individual what can I do. And the people are corrupt so well, that they vote for corrupt leaders. So what can we do?

    Well, change has a momentum of its own. Never know...let's just strive in that hope for a wonderful chance to redeem this country from its man-made miseries.

  10. Mr. Breivik is not a psycho all. He is a calculating terrorist who planned his pervers target selection and in his eyes he failed that day as these poor kids were his third or fourth option that period. Anyway, he is a calculating political warrior and not a madman. Possible repeat offender, since he has exclaimed that his target has not changed course, in fact increased immigration into Norway. What is concerning is the fact that many share his view. Those are the dangerous, and Breivik will continue his political teachings from wherever they place him. We, as Norwegians, enter dangerous times inhouse.


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