Little Sania Mirza

In the list of people that I admire so much, Tennis maestro "Sania Mirza" is the youngest. In fact, she is two years younger than me.

Back in July, she got engaged to a man, there was a nice picture of them in the papers. But a few days back, the media had made it big news that her engagement had broken off.

Sania cites "incompatibility" as the reason for the breaking.

So it's a fact that she exercised her freedom to choose a man, to get engaged to him, then to check out (most likely in a decent manner) whether the relationship could work or not, and then later (but unfortunately because she felt that things were incompatible), she did have the guts to make her decision public and to call it off.

Now, this level of free spirit is something that I admire in this girl. Many girls in the world have deprived themselves of this kind of freedom. Whether a person touches glory or makes mistakes, it's only through this freedom that the person can really take the credit for his/her actions, be it a good-take or a mistake, and thus be responsible for them, to continue or to correct!

I am an admirer of the game, Tennis. It requires lots of power to run around like that, plus, you need to do it all with a very high level of concentration. I am sure she has had to spend most of her childhood focusing on Tennis, Tennis and Tennis. I am sure that she did not get the time to get all philosophic about how the world works, and how it should work. And so she has suffered so much for that reason. She has fumbled many times. She had to face the heat from the religo-socio scholar circles. Yes sadly, the world has hit her many times, right on the face, I am surely it must have left her deeply confused and blue a couple of times. There have been many critics who have had their correct as well as incorrect reasons to point at her face.

If there was one girl in India, who I could wish, to be my friend. I wish it to be Sania, there is so much that I wish to share with her, there is so much in her that can help her country, not just in Sports but as a leading woman, a progressive/developing one.

Similarly, the other young player that I admire is Sreesanth the cricket bowler. It would be so nice, if I could call them both together for a friendly chit chat. There is so much that I wish to tell them, so many clouds of theirs, that I could dispel, but how can I?

But yes, I can talk about them to the world. I can keep trying to find some way to communicate. Maybe write some poems on them. May be, that might be a really good idea. Or maybe make a new blog specifically dedicated to them. That's my plan! A future action plan.

I know these kids could do so much for India. When I thought of them, yes, I have had so many profound thoughts, how they erupt my lightning nerves high and explode all over my thunder brain! I love to get paralyzed some day, and go into a coma for vacation. I have already suggested to my friend Dhanyal many years back that, if I ever end up in a coma, , , , just play some U2 songs, I would be listening, I might just wake up. Ok!. So that's what I can feel for my probable superstar friends, little Sania and brother Sreesanth.

Well then. Sania, I really wish you get a nice man to marry and care for, I hope you love him, not for the love that he gives you, but because of the love that God gives you. And marry him because he married you, and Not your wealth, married not your looks, married not your talent, but married you. I hope your husband will be a spiritual man, a man who cares for you, understands you, a man who is sort of like your own father who coached you early on, who made you into a world player.

I hope the man that you get married to is a husband who is also wise enough to decipher out the various roles of this one life. May your souls love each other, but for that, Sania, on your part, your soul should love every other soul of this world. I hope this sentence in Italics just reaches you in some dream.

Marriage is a flower. We must nurture it with understanding. Can we expect flowers in the middle of a Sandy desert dune, can we expect a valley of flowers by the Antarctic Ice crevasses, but yes we can expect a flower to grow by the side of a natural-spring-grass tennis court. Yes we can. Here is a poem for you dear:

"Wealth has no permanence: it comes in the morning,

and at night it is scattered to the winds.

Physical beauty too has no importance,

for a rosy face is made pale by the scratch of a single thorn.

Noble birth also is of small account,

for many become fools of money and horses.

Many a nobleman's son has disgraced his father by his wicked deeds.

Don't court a person full of talent either,

even if he seems exquisite in that respect:

take warning from the example of the Devil .

The Devil had knowledge, but since his love was not pure,

he saw in Adam nothing but a figure of clay."

- Rumi 

We got to see the soul/God-spirit in Adam, we got to love him. But to marry, because we love spiritually, we are not blind, we are able know well, to decide well who it is, to chose for marriage.

Dear Sania, you do have the real life role of a "Tennis superstar" and I am sure that you are better than almost every other man in this country in Tennis..... Then there is the role of a "daughter", yes you can be a very good daughter, a daughter that works hard to make her parents as well as her country very proud.... And then there is the role of a "Friend", I am sure that you must be having at least two or three really really good friends..... And then there is also the role of a "Wife", and yes you can also be a good wife to your husband. I hope you understand how each role is different yet oneSania. May you attain threshold perfection. All the best dear sweetie!


  1. All the best dear sweetie sania..
    u have a die hard fan pouring his emotions in his blog right here, as if you have nothing to care about, he will do it all for u,
    ah! d love for d world, for d players, don't ya fill too full sometimes? overflowing kinds?
    i was just telling my mum about her break up, surprised.. everyone loves her

  2. Great to find your blog Anel.. a wonderful way to be back in touch wid you!

    Did you disable comments on your post on 'Wisdom'? Anywayz .. was refreshing to see the overflowing positivity that seems to be lining each grouch :)! At least I got the consolation that I'm not the only one who still seems to be stupidly positive these days:)

  3. Yeah, I had disabled the comment entry at that "Clues for Wisdom" blog post, found it to be not worth being commented on. Just for the mind!

    CoolZeba to be in touch with ya again this way. I'll be back to blogging after sometime.


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