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The Lord doth not regard a prayer 

in which the heart doth not accompany the body.

He who leaveth home in search of knowledge, 

walketh in the path of God.

God hath treasuries beneath the Throne, 

the keys whereof are the tongues of poets.

To listen to the words of the learned, and to instill into others the lessons of science, is better than religious exercises.

He who knoweth his own self, knoweth God.

One learned man is harder on the devil 

than a thousand ignorant worshipers.

To spend more time in learning is better than spending more time praying; the support of religion is abstinence. It is better to teach knowledge one hour in the night than to pray all night.

The pursuit of knowledge is a divine commandment for everyone; and to waste knowledge on those who are unworthy of it is like putting pearls, jewels, and gold on the necks of swine.

The time is near in which nothing will remain of Islam but its name, and of the Kuran but its mere appearance, and the mosques of Muslims will be destitute of of knowledge and worship; and the learned will be the worst people under the heavens; and contention and strife will issue from them, and it will return upon themselves.

That person who shall die while he is studying, in order to revive the knowledge of religion, will be only one degree inferior to the prophets.

- Mohammed my man

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  1. was nice to read them :), a pity many people undermine knowlwdge and the necessity to pursue it.

    I dont usually find such a collection of Hadeeth, I'm copying it :D. hope you dont mind :)


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