Robert Mugabe Jokes Humour Images Cartoons Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe Jokes Humour Images Cartoons Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe has fought the West like no other. He is priceless for not being a slave. But has he not failed his own people?

If you know how to protect your people from the external aggressors, you must also know how to care for them as well internally. This is where Robert Mugabe won and failed respectively. He was an incomplete package. But if he was a complete package, he would have died long time ago, they would have killed him, would not have they? They, means the mad money monsters eyeing the human resource and mineral resource potential of Africa.

Has he been a dictator? Has he helped the people of Zimbabwe? Has he been used by the West to demoralize the African public? Has he been a traitor to his people? Has he been a saviour to his people?

Is he an economic giant? Does he have a vision to take care of his people? Why does he remain the leader? Why is he still there as President? Why have the people not got the courage to give the feedback that they should be giving to progress ahead? Does it take a lifetime to change a country's destiny?

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