Manjula Tamil Actress Rare pictures and photographs

Actress Manjula is a well known actor in Telugu. She acted in many films as heroine including opposite NTR, ANR, Shoban Babu etc and also in mother roles.

She later married Vijay Kumar who is also a well known actor in Telugu.

Incidentally by then Vijay Kumar was already married and has three children inclduing the Tamil actor, Arun Vijay.

Later she had three children with Vijay Kumar including Vanitha, Preetha and Sridevi Vijaykumar. Preetha and Sridevi acted in many Telugu films while Vanitha acted in only Tamil films.

Vanitha was considered very beautiful, but did not make it big in the film industry and married a person who proved to be a fraud. She divorced him and married another person. She already has a child from her first marriage and now she alleges that her father (actor Vijay kumar) has kidnapped her son and is threateneing to commit suicide in case her son is not returned to her.

On his part, Vijay Kumar says that he is afraid that Vanitha's second husband might illtreat his grandson and so is keeping him.

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