Bhagat Singh

BLOODY NONSENSE…Revolution(INQUILAB) was what BHAGAT SINGH and his team 
led against the British Empire.A revolution based on 10 years of 
extensive study on various aspects of social,cultural and economic 
impacts of a revolution.Fighting in the court against big lawyers and 
judges single-handedly and inch by inch unravelling their every hideous 
intention….Not to mention the 115(63+52) days of 
hunger-strike(A world-record,when he surpassed an Irish revolutionary's 97 day hunger-strike).Unwaivering determinism in the face of the most inhuman 
brutality and extreme torture inflicted by the British Raj….And brutally hanged to  death at the tender age of 23,unknown,unhonoured and unsung…Just to set an example of his death to envigour the millions of youths and to fight for independence and the establishment of Socialist rule ..

REVOLUTIONARIES above have been measured on the basis of their achievements ...COMPLETELY WRONG...The basic idea of a revolution is to change the very mindsets of the people...Bhagat Singh couldnot live to see the overthrow of the Imperialist rule and the reconstruction of India on a socialist basis..But he did enough to rouse the youth who constantly were on their feet and took him as an inspiration until India got Independence in 1947...Even today a 5-year old child in India,Pakistan or Bangladesh know enough about him...I dare say in the face of death,he was the most fearless of all whom you have mentioned above.

Inquilab Zindabad..

Shoubhik Chakraborty

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