Hide and Unhide timeline facebook activity log

In the new timeline profile, it gives you the option to hide posts from the timelime so others can't see it but without deleting, once you hide a post can you unhide it later? 

Facebook Activity Log Guide

If you have hidden certain posts/stories from your timeline, and you want to make them visible again, this is how you do it.

First, go to your Timeline, and click on Activity Log.
facebook activity log

That will open the activity log, and then you can scroll down to where that story is (or use the date links at the bottom) to find the post/story you want to hide or unhide. Look at the icons in the far right to see which ones are hidden and which ones are visible.
facebook hide post 1

You can then click on the little circle/crossed out circle to select if you want it hidden or not.
facebook hide post 2

If you "Feature" a story, it will take the full width of your timeline, so as to draw attention to that item. Think of it like "this one is important".

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