Do I Have Intestinal Parasites?

Do I Have Intestinal Parasites?

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Parasitic (Worm) Infection?

Types of Signs

Many people have parasites, particularly intestinal worms and don't know it. The physical signs, the emotional or mental signs of this kind of parasitic infestation can be subtle or quite overt. Your personality could be affected by the presence of parasites in your gut. Normally that is the case if you have had them for most of your life.

You may be the nervous, anxious, or the worrisome type of person, and you think it's natural, but it's actually parasites that may be modifying your physiology, your brain chemistry and altering your perceptions of reality and causing your organ energy to decrease, to perhaps feel weak willed.

Physical Signs of Parasitic Infection

The most obvious sign of a parasitic infection is some abdominal pain. Abdominal pain, however is not always present, or you may not be aware of even a low-grade pain. When other causes of abdominal pain or discomfort have been ruled out by a medical doctor you may consider parasites as the cause.

More possible signs:


passing gas (particularly after meals)

seeing egg shaped circles in the eyes when looking at the sky

poor sleep

constant dreams during sleep

tossing and turning during sleep

chronic constipation

chronic diarrhea

alternating constipation/diarrhea

grinding of teeth at night

wearing down of teeth

poor quality of nails

chronic candidiasis

burping gas after meals

chronic burping



mental disorders

mood swings


chronic anger

ravenous appetite

strong early morning appetite especially around 5am, 6am

lymph problems (e.g. lymph tissue enlargement or pain)

constant cravings for greasy foods, even potato chips

cravings for and eating farinaceous foods:

white bread

white flour products


pastries, etc

cravings for sugar or sugar containing products

love of vinegar

love of sour foods such as lemons, grapefruits

chronic exhaustion

chronic fatigue

rough, dry skin at the heels of the feet

anal itching

anal tickling (usually at night)

anal burning

anal redness

bowel movements turn green regularly



migraine headaches

trouble sleeping

trouble getting to sleep

abdominal pain after eating apples

abdominal pain after vigorous exercise

Parasites Inhabit the Gut

Parasitic worms often inhabit the gut, both the large and small intestine for many years without being known to the host. Sometimes they can pass between the small and large intestine, and cause some pain at the ileocecal valve during this movement.

Normally, the contents of the small intestine pass into the cecum, the first part of the large intestine (colon) during digestion. The ileocecal valve keeps the contents of the large intestine from going back up into the small intestine during digestion. The ileocecal valve is located on the right side of the body in the lower abdomen normally above the appendix.

Parasites in the Cecum

Some parasites often inhabit the bottom of the cecum for years, occasionally to get a little hungry and let you know about it with some gnawing. These parasitic worms can stay there because of the way we sit at the toilet seat in the Western World, as opposed to the natural squatting position of the "undeveloped world". One way to gradually get these parasites out of the colon is to use a natural device such as the LifeSTEP™ by RenewLife. This device can also help solve chronic constipation and increase bowel movements especially with a regular exercise program. This device is easy to use and also highly recommended.

When Are Parasites Most Active?

There's a lot of public misinformation about when parasites are most active. The parasites Hanna Kroeger Healer is talking about here are intestinal worms. According to the late Reverend Hanna Kroeger they are moon creatures.

Full Moon Activity

Normally parasites become more active during the full moon, however, they can be active all the time, and in particular the tapeworm can be most active during the full moon. The term tapeworm here includes the pork, beef, and fish tapeworms.

New Moon Activity

Yes, indeed there are worms that are more active during the new moon as well! They are the roundworms! Roundworms cause fatigue, allergies, depression, mental illness, uncontrollable or racing thoughts, constipation, eyesight problems, and sugar cravings to name a few. If you have both kinds of parasites, then you will feel the effect on both full moon and new moon.

Proximity of Earth To Moon Has An Effect

The proximity of the moon to the earth also has an effect on the activity of parasites. This may be direct or indirect. It's probably indirect because the moon being closer to the earth has a pull on the water of our body. Whatever has a pull on the water in the body has an alternating or modulating effect on the kidneys. This modulating effect is true because according to Traditional Chinese Medicine the kidneys control the water balance in the body. A modulating effect is like the tides which go up and down. You can also think of this modulating effect like going up and down on a roller coaster.

The Closest the Moon Has Been To The Earth in Dec 2008

In fact on Friday, December 12, 2008 the full moon was the closest it has ever been to the earth since some 15 years ago, on March 1993. The next time the full moon is going to be closest to the Earth is November 14, 2016. Do you have an illness that took a turn for the worst or whose symptoms worsened beginning in December of 2008?

Were you more noticeably fatigued during December 2008, January 2009, and February of 2009? Did you notice some of your symptoms worsen? Did you end up in hospital during any of these months?

If so then consider any increase in symptoms a gift! You may very well have intestinal parasites!

How Long Does it Take for Symptoms to Develop?

Some of the symptoms above may however take years to develop, normally beginning to show up in the late teens, and early twenty's. Chronic fatigue is usually one of them.

Your liver can take the bunt of detoxifying the excretions of parasitic worms. It is the main detoxifier of the body. Years of overburdening you liver can cause it to loose its ability to process Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) and therefore it becomes compromised. It takes energy to detoxify anything from the human body, and therefore parasites also steel energy from the liver. It is now known that EFA's like fish oils can be essential for proper mental function, so loss of your liver's ability to fully utilize EFA's may be the main reason for mental symptoms.

Also, Chemical sensitivity, for example sensitivity to cigarette smoke is one of the more pronounced symptoms of intestinal worm infection, especially if these symptoms have been noticeable since childhood and exist with heavy metal poisoning. In fact worm infestation is difficult to get rid of because of heavy metal poisoning which can degrade your digestion. Both Parasites and Heavy Metal Poisoning are part of the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health readings which Hanna Kroeger Healer performs.

Why are Parasites Difficult to Diagnose?

If there is an unknown cause of some disease or symptom you are having, you may also wish to suspect parasites. The most difficult type of parasites to find are the ones which are stealth, hidden for years from your awareness.

You can, however become aware of them over a few weeks or months. This awareness can occur when you increase daily bowel movements. You can increase bowel movements by using a more natural evacuation posture and increasing bowel tonicity on a herbal program. A Vibrational Reading can find a plan for just that. The Vibrational Reading can of course deal with clearing the body of parasite infection when that is a priority.

Regular bowel movements, and at least several bowel movements a day are essential to removing parasites from the intestinal tract.

Another way to become aware of parasites that is also highly recommended is food combining. Food combining weakens parasites because you get more of your own food than they do. Chewing your food well may also help.

Medical Tests Are Mostly Ineffective

Most medical stool tests may come back negative when in fact you do have intestinal parasites, particularly worms. Most medical doctors may still be trained and think that you need to visit a third-world country to obtain an intestinal parasite. However, If you suspect that a health problem is caused by a parasite worm, you probably have one.

What are Causes of Parasitic Intestinal Worms?

Eating cold foods, childhood trauma, adult trauma, poor digestion, poor elimination, taking anti-acid medications are invitations for parasites to inhabit and stay in your body. All it takes is the accidental ingestion of a parasite egg or larvae when your digestion is compromised. Over-eating is also an invitation to intestinal parasites. People who are meat eaters, particularly heavy meat eaters when they should not be are also inviting parasite worm infestation.

Mood Swings, Chronic Anger Due to Intestinal Parasites

The subject of mood swings, anger either acute or chronic is a very important one for discussion. In our society the true source of these symptoms are often very poorly misunderstood and often not understood at all!

Anything that disturbs your liver can cause anger. People who have anger issues, or take things very personally, most probably have intestinal parasites, and have allergies and food sensitivities which also exacerbate the mood-swing difficulty. People who have impulse control disorders may also have intestinal parasites.

Why are Parasites Difficult to Get Rid Of?

Hanna Kroeger Healer has already mentioned one reason. Improver elimination, insufficient elimination, poor diet, eating too many greasy foods, including potato chips can make it more difficult to remove parasites from the human body. The other reason mentioned was heavy metal poisoning.

Rebuilding and Detoxification To Rid Parasites

In practice, rebuilding the liver, kidneys, and the digestion are also important and essential aspects of ridding the human body of parasites. An adequate exercise program, and subtle-detoxification while rebuilding is very important. Get started on a Vibrational Reading today, Contact Hanna Kroeger Healer!

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