Chocolate girl

How ye art enchanting in thy endearing tendencies 

neither in the dominat'd nor in the dominatin' 

chasin'butterflies hither thither diggin'up n'searchin' 

lo! nature hath never made suchlike twain copies! 

 how ye frolic and revel betwixt thy sweet circl'd coteries 

larkin'away these heydays of meddlesome office 

fencin'this secret garden away from poetic injustice 

thy poise n'paws verily soft upon the peonies n'lillies! 

 whence came these fullsome sounds of somniloquies 

of naps n'fur balls in eftsoons astonied heaves 

of silver dreams cushion'd in golden weaves 

lo! animals were never unto lies nor debaucheries! 

 wherefore methinks this paradise ye shalt have peace 

in cultivatin'sun poppies candies n'confectioneries 

of dandy puppies topiaries n'ornament trees 

for hath thou freest thyself from human redundancies.

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