to the center - to the focal point - there he announced - all I want to is you - and a big bang of songs - he lost it all - rising to the music - delving into the universal night - sharp rays in his eyes - not free to the chords - the lines and curves were illusions - correction - incorrect - there was a sign of a comet strike - common juice - the cosmic juice - a house fly on the screen - cleaning its hands - in a piece of rot - in the core of the Sun - was darkness - a dream of hopes - slashed and caned - death death come to me - where is my illusory cross - there was no cross - my maya - my cross maya - colonize my little precious soul - I really wish I was emulsified - in one night - they say he received it all - the ants march - they march ahead towards me - I am the sick soul to the dream - oh Newboniate where are you - get lost in your ocean sweet - eat me alive.

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