The Gandhi Brothers: The magic of gathering votes

Rahul Gandhi at an IPL match

1. "You need to step up and the number of leaders coming out of your community NEEDS to go up. You got today a Sikh prime minister that nobody would have ever imagined in a country of over a billion people that we would have a Sikh prime minister. Sikhs are a very small percentage of this country."
— Rahul Gandhi responding to a question at the Aligarh Muslim University
December 07, 2009
2. "It is not about what religion or community you come from,
it is what you bring to the table, what capability you have."
— Rahul Gandhi saying a Muslim can become a prime minister in India
December 07, 2009


I say, Prime minister Manmohan Singh is NOT a representative of the Sikh community religion-style fostering activities in the Indian Parliament, he is elected because of his capability to serve the country as a whole. There is no NEED for any community based balancing leadership in Indian politics.

I say, anybody whichever the community who is capable of loving the country as a whole should have access to leadership. I say, "Capability to lead the country forward seeing India as a whole" should alone be the criteria of political administration. If community leadership-balancing is taken up, the country is always divided, since the leaders are based on community fragments of the Indian population.

In the first quote, Rahul emphasizes about the need of increasing the leaders from a given community. In the second quote, he emphasizes that it is not about the community that you come from, it's about your capability. He stands for the need of a community-based leader number strength administration for the improvement of the country in the first quote and in the second quote he denies it and says that we need capability-based administration. Well, this subtle contradiction is an example of a political illusion, it is not politics, it's pseudo-politics, manipulating people's minds in a subtle way to control them, rather than helping the people from the root level.

Varun Gandhi

"Religious intolerance has increased to such an extent in Bangladesh that Hindu women avoid wearing vermilion on their foreheads, or any other mark that would identify them as Hindu. Men are routinely referred to as malaun (infidels) and kafirs by the locals, particularly the younger people. Bangladesh remains the only country in the world where a person can be arrested without a reason only because he is a Hindu. How can India tolerate such grave erosion of secular values in her own neighbourhood?
India has fenced off more than a third of its 4,096 kilometres with Bangladesh. But it needs to do more. India should create a sanitised five kilometre zone, wherever possible, on her side of the border by clearing all civilian inhabitations and farms, put up surveillance cameras, adopt a zero-tolerance policy against infiltration and increase policing of the border areas. Additionally, India must set up an effective and speedy mechanism to put an immediate stop on infiltration, identify and deport large chunks of illegal migrants. At crucial points the BSF must be assisted by the Army. India must raise a women's battalion to deal with women infiltrators.
- Varun Gandhi 
From his official website

Is Varun Gandhi working for India or for his own personal ideas of Hinduism? There is infiltration from Bangladesh, true, Bangladesh is a poor country and highly densely populated. And to stop infiltration, Varun suggests that we should put up surveillance cameras on the 4,096 kilometer border between Indian and Bangladesh, how practical! In his website header, he has called himself "the only hope for a strong India". But we love such  political illusions, don't we?

Every time Varun makes a controversial communal remark, he is only helping his own cousin brother Rahul Gandhi in  popularity ratings. Whenever Varun plays Bad boy, Rahul's Good boy image blossoms, since the masses watch them side by side, if one is bad, the other has to be better. Varun plays the bad cop, Rahul plays the good cop. And guess what! The Political Gandhis win. That's the magic. The illusion of it all.

Magic: The Gathering

Age is made up of
forgotten hopes crawling back.
True sadness is the thought
of when you were happy
The day I know I'll never be god to you
I'll die
Until then I'll watch
Tiring out years in my mental wings
dropping pellets of
not fear
for fear is the fire to which we
turn for a little magic.
by Varun Gandhi from his book

Such poetry is safer on the masses, it does not speak anything with direct confirmation/confrontation. It needs deep thought. If a Jesus read a Veda scripture, he could make a gospel out of it. It's not the book, but the eyes of the reader that makes the book useful/helpful. 

Well, this has to be for sure, I find Varun Gandhi to be frustrated, I wish I could be in touch with him and help him understand what Hinduism really is and what India really is. Rahul Gandhi has run out of ideas, they both need help before they waste their lives. They have the opportunity to do so much for India, it's worth for me to blog about them. But yeah, both running behind their mothers' tale.

May they be in peace!

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