Welcome to my garden

My Invocation. An invocation is the act of calling on God. But in this case,

my Invocation is calling on you. If is for the world, and I share it with you.

I am creating a place 

where Acceptance is king and
Love is queen.

This place is a garden filled with flowers and light and song. 

In my garden there is no death, no need to worry*, food is abundant.
This place begins in the center of me. 

I am the garden.
You may enter my garden and rest, 

but you must leave your denial outside my space. 

You may bring your hurts and fears and angers 

and I will hold you while you cry 

and I will comfort you.
Create your garden from the center of you. 

Join your garden with mine and we will make a home
filled with love and acceptance for others to join.
And step by little step

we will reclaim the good Earth

and make her ours again.

- Marilyn Brookman

*I have replaced the word there.

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