Kundalini notes

The Kundalini is sleeping above the Kanda dispensing, liberation to Yogis and bondage to fools.

The gentleman performing has learnt the rare phenomena from yoga and pranayama.

Patanjali describes Yoga as the suppression of thought.

Kundali Chakra is called the lotus of happiness, by contemplation of this chakra, a yogi is able to enter the body of another person, he obtains the power of transmuting metals, of healing the sick, and of clairvoyance.

Anahata - Claivoyance, clairaudiece, able to move in the air, and travel at will.

The Vishuddi Chakra - good health, removes all ailments.

Pancha PRanas (Relex centres)

Udana, Prana, Samana, Apana, Vyana.

Udana - Upper part above the larynx

Prana - between Larynx and heart

Samana - heart and navel

Apana -  below th enavel

Vyana - whole body and govern the movements of the body, contraction of the muslces both voluntary and involuntary







Belching, hiccupping, yawning, hunger and drooping of eye lids.

Kundalini controls all - Vagus nerve

Control of pranas

by Bandhas and Mudras

Holding of breath (high venosity of blood) has an effect on the Kunalini, the direct gazing at the tip, stretches the lateral rectus muslces of the eye-balls and stimulates the ciliary ganglia

But the yogi wants the Kundalini vagus nerve current to stop at the various chakras and this is done by certain bandhas and mudras.

Mula bandha - pernieum presed by the heel of the right foot.

Jalandhara bandha - head bent forward  and the chin touche the root of the neck.

Uddiyana bandha -  breath exhaled, navel drawn upwards, expansion of the lower part of the thorax, till the abodmen is totally flattened.

Shaktichalan Mudra - In Siddhasana, both legs are held by the nad and made to press firnly on the perneum, then powerful in and out breahts the muslces of the abdomen are made ton contract and relax with corresponging contraction and expansion of the anus.

Shamukhi mudra - all external impression which are carried by the nine openings in the body to the brain are stopped by the fingers and heels. These nine openings are the two each of the eys, ears, and nost and one each of the mouth, urethra and anus. It is impossible to breathe when the nose and mouth are closed.

Opening of the mouth should be made like the beak of a crow, partially closed.

Khechari Mudra - tongue is rolled backwards and upawards, during this process of inspiration, behind the soft palate so as to reach the base of the skull behind the posterior nasal openings.

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