Posterous tricks tips how to use new ideas and themes

1. Post to your social media service. Posterous can automatically spread your post to more than ten sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. Click here to learn how. Here’s a list of Posterous email addresses and what they do: creates a public post and automatically shares to the social medias services you’ve set up. creates a non-public post. makes a public post that is not automatically tweeted. spreads your post only via Twitter. spreads your post via Twitter and Facebook.

2. Post to different Posterous blogs. For example, will update and your Twitter account. The right side of the @ tells Posterous which Posterous site to post to, and the left side of the @ tells Posterous which external sites to update.

3. Customize the look-and-feel of your site. Posterous now supports customization. Select one of the built-in themes, and customize the colors. Or create your own custom theme. You can even port Tumblr themes to Posterous.

4. Use a custom domain. By default, Posterous assigns you a domain based on “” However, you can change this to a custom domain like Click here to learn how.

5. Post pictures inline. Posterous automatically converts set of photos into a gallery view (where readers click from picture to picture), but if you don’t want a gallery, just put “((nogallery))” in the subject of the email. Posterous will post all the photos individually one after another.

6. Post from any site. The Posterous bookmarklet lets you quickly grab content out of the page you’re on. You can click and drag to select text and then click “Share on Posterous” in your bookmark bar. Or just click the bookmark without selecting anything and it will auto-detect all large photos, video and media on the page. Click here to learn how.

7. Create a group site. You can add contributors to your site, and they don’t need to create an account. They simply email All contributors will be notified of new posts and comments by email.

8. Post using links not embed code. If you want to post a video from Youtube, photo from Flickr, or TV show from Hulu, just send Posterous the URL. There’s no need to copy and paste the embed code. Posterous will take the url you send and convert it into an embedded video automatically.

9. Add tags. You can add tags to posts by putting them in the title of the email. For example, “((tags: food, New York))” will add those two tags to the post. This also works in the Bookmarklet and iPhone application.

10. Enable public postings. Turn on “Post by moderation” in your account settings, and anyone can email to add something to your site. You just need to approve each post before it goes public. This is a great way to accept user-generated content.

11. Display where you took photos. Posterous can automatically add a Google map to your post to show where you took the photo. All you have to do is geotagg your photos..

12. Prevent the inclusion of your email signature. Do you have an email signature that you don’t want posted? End your post with “#end” and Posterous won’t publish anything after it.

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