See Kiran bedi ghunghat theatrics comedy drama at Ramlila Anna Hazare's campaign

Kiran bedi ghoonghat act youtube

See the Kiran Bedi at Ramlila Youtube Video here
Kiran opening her heart out emoting her thoughts with her own impromptu drama,
some TV Commentators did not like it to their taste, they say it was extremely vulgar, ugly and grotesque to see this patriotic lady playing with scarf on her head, oh how dirty it was for them, so vulgar for them that even the nude actresses thumping were much divine.

Click here to see wonderful yet another video

of Kiran Bedi acting and saluting the Indian Flag

She is and always be a gem for India

Kiran Bedi's speech at Ram Leela grounds

"Ask him what is he going to do," she asked the crowd. "They (the MPs) say one thing inside (Parliament) and another thing outside." And then, raising her pitch, she exclaimed: "They (the MPs) wear masks!"

"This is how they behave," she trilled, "one thing with a mask and another without a mask", and proceeded to pirouette on stage like a vaudeville artiste. To the great amusement of the crowd, she proceeded to pull a scarf from the neck of a young activist on stage, wrapped her head with it like a 'ghunghat' (veil) and proceeded to mock MPs and their "double-faced utterances".

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Kiran bedi ghoonghat act youtube

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  1. The video on Kiran Bedi saluting the flag is nice.


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