Best remedy for slip disc and bone problems: Dr. Mahaboob Khan, Mysore

One of the best treatments for Slip disc on Earth

Dr. Mahaboob Khan 
(A very effective Herbal Doctor for Slip Disc and bone setter for Bone problems, Spinal Chord Pain, Back Pains, Spondilytis, herniation, bone setting any psychosomatic ortho Problem)

Medicinal system:
Herbal Medicine
Registered Medical Practitioner
(+91- India ISD code)

V.V. Road, K.R.Nagar (Krishnaraja Nagar), 
Mysore, Karnataka, 
India - 571602.
(30 km from Mysore town and around 50 km from Mysore Airport, Mysore is 140 km South west of Bangalore (Bengaluru) He is very famous in the area, not at all difficult to locate him.)

In a matter of seconds, he first touches one of the nerves or the affected part, and you may feel the relief of pain. And then he tells you to massage the specific area with a special oil that he will provide you, then you need to take one leaf-based medicine with curd and one white powder to be taken with honey, this medicine is to be taken for several weeks at home. The medicine has been found to be very effective. This is not some religious mumbo jumbo magic quackery. And yes, he just charges a few hundred Rupees for the treatment and the medicine.

It is simply based on traditional medicine based on observation of plant knowledge, handed down through the generations. Even if you are living in Alaska, I am telling you it is worth the visit, I say this out of personal experience. I wish you the best for recovery.

No need of prior appointment. The queue system is based on the token system. Early bird to the token gets in first. The clinic opens at 8 am. One must go with the latest X-ray scans or MRI scan. The clinic has X-ray facility nearby. Saturday is a holiday. He normally does not work on people who have undergone any surgical operation for the affected nerve.

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