Funny Indian politicians for corruption


  1. Corruption is not any issue as its made out to be. Differences are:

    Corruption and loot by upper castes like Ananth Kumar, Kulkarni, Goel, Kalmadi, Madhav Nair, Jayalalitha, Yeddyurappa, Naidu, Reddy brothers etc are no problem, but

    By Raja, Kanimzhi, Mayavathi etc are problems.

    India has two worlds, devided by castes...

    Money talks and you have money you can come out of jail or case at any time... where as others can languish for years.

  2. Irrespective of the caste of the person involved, we must try to eradicate corruption and punish severely those accused. It is very unfortunate that our judicial process takes so long to come to a decision. The criminals come out on bail, contest and win elections and occupy powerful positions. With this they indulge in more corruption and influence the prosecuting agencies. I think we should not consider whether the corrupted fellow is of forward caste or backward. All should be put behind bars and some may even be hanged.


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