Top Best Feed RSS Readers Tickers for Desktop Windows Freeware

1. Desktop Ticker - It has free scrolling RSS feed display with a small dock-style interface, it has a news channel like ticker tape which you can place anywhere but not under your bed :D just pulling your leg.

2. FeedRoller is a lightweight RSS feed ticker. As the name suggests, it reads n rolls. Madeto showcase the feed headlines from the rss links that you give for your news sites and blogs. This one you cannot put under your bed also. Just for your desktop! Yes!

3. RSS crawler has a virus like name, but it is NOT a virus, it shows your RSS news feeds on a flicker-free ticker bar right on your Desktop.

4. Desktop News Ticker is an Eye-Catcher for Live News Source for Public Displays, yes you can use this for public purposes, with all its Instant Notifications, Enterprise RSS and Information Logistics.

5. Easy Desk Ticker gives you a news bar wherever you want on your desktop. It has a functional and flexible and fully customizable rolling news bar.

6. Roxio MediaTicker rocks all the way for the following reasons: Use RSS. Click on links. Delete the image as you wish totally Jump to the folder. Save images from RSS feeds. Watch your photo inspirations to spiral your way into the hurricane of happiness. You have the zoom facility. Email stuff as well. 

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