A broken bird

This is one song that I can relate to very nicely. 
I enjoyed the lyrics as well as the voice of Kailash.
And a lovely drawing above showing a bird
sewing those heart-halves into one again.


toota toota ek parinda aise toota, ki phir jud na paya
loota loota kisne usko aise loota, ki phir ud na paya
girta hua voh asman sey, akar gira zameen par
khwabon mein phir bhi badal hi they voh kehta raha magar
ki allah ke bande hansde, allah ke bande, allah ke bande hansde,
jo bhi ho kal phir ayega...

Broken, broken, oh so badly was a bird broken
that it could not be joined again
Robbed, robbed,
someone robbed it so badly 
that it could not fly again
Falling from the sky, it fell to the ground
Yet in its dreams, there were only clouds, so it kept saying:
Oh Al-God’s fellow, just laugh, whatever happens,
Tomorrow will still come...

A R Rahman on Kailash Kher
"I remember how I first heard of him. I had asked Mehboob, our lyricist, for a new voice that is earthy and strong, and he said, I have just the person for you. That voice can only be that of Kailash!' And he sent Kailash to meet me. The moment I heard him, I knew that here was a voice that was so wonderful, and which had its own unique space.... I want to say that Kailash Kher's voice has something that had been lacking a lot [in Bollywood] -- it had pure soul! Allah Ke Bande is one of my all time favorite songs."


  1. I have been hearing raves about this guy, surely what ARR said sums it up completely. Fortunately, I bought his first album before all these 'me too heard it' reviews started coming which made my listening a pleasurable experience :D
    Why don't you upload the video also? It is also a pleasant one.

  2. :) Done.

    I am expecting more great songs from him.


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