Only the dance remains

MJ was one troubled son of the planet,
and yet he left some real gems behind. 
May his soul be free and in peace.

The awareness is expressed through creation.
This world we live in is a dance of the creator.
The dancers appear and disappear
at a glance
but the dance is still living.
On many occasions when I’m dancing,
I am touched by something sacred.
In these moments I feel my spirit is raised and
become one with all there is.
I become the winner and the subjugated,
I become the master and slave,
I become the singer and song,
I become the expert and the known.
Still dancing and then this is
the eternal dance of creation.
The creator and creation merge
in one of joy.

Still dancing …and dancing …and dancing,
… until there is only the dance.

- Michael Jackson

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