A writer college-friend ever alive with the human touch

My friend Simi Aboobacker is up and blogging.

She is a budding writer and a poet who is ever alive with the human touch.

 Here are some of her recent poems.


Burden of this silence,

Is it tormenting my endurance?

Is it drowning me in fullness?

Deep and deeper, into the somberness.

The very existence of this silence,

Reminds me of the admittance,

Or rather a confession -

Of my passion!

Might be this Intimacy,

Is indulging a lot into my privacy,

The one meant to be secrecy,

Turned out, too evidently.

Still one has to clutch on -

With the burning lamp of vehemence on,

And with the resilience,

To face this eon of silence!!

~ by Simi Aboobacker ~

 What were those eyes trying to communicate?

Those eyes which had seen you first -

Cuddled up in a blanket,

Close to my heart -

With those cute little lips about to tinge in a curve!

Those eyes which had seen you walk first -

Toddled up those few steps,

Thrilling my heart -

With those shaky legs about to fall in a nerve!

Those eyes which had seen you talk first -

Mumbled up a feeble word 'maa',

Mesmerizing my heart -

With those tiny hand clutching my finger, a moment to preserve!

Those eyes after it bids final good bye -

Wrapped in white bundle,

Wailing other hearts -

With those strong hands lifting me to my grave!

Those eyes would love to experience it all again -

Enthralled in another face,

Fulfilling another mother's heart,

With those eyes getting another chance to serve!


"Let your eyes Live on - Donate your eyes to help someone see"

~ by Simi Aboobacker~


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