Arjun Kapoor
What is his secret to improving his physique?
His uncle arranged him anyone special?

He acts with Sonakshi in Tevar, she too had the same issues, did they take the Adnan Sami way?
What is the secret?

Arjun Kapoor does have some theatrical manliness to him. But do you see a man there or just another puppet in the hands of the machine?

Do you see any real rebels, ishqazaade fakes? 

Do you see the Gunday, or just another fake cake paste on the wall?

Well, we can take the positives from this man, this boy, see how has improved his looks, but there is more to looks, there is much more needed to get the life on this planet on the right direction?

He is a good friend to Alia bhatt is it?

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