taken down jokes taken down. taken down.

So no room for political satire!

Someone said:

"A Single Death is a Tragedy; 

a Million Deaths is a Statistic; 

a Communal Riot is a dead puppy."

One man said:

"One party is for the burqa of secularism"

Another man said:

"Another party is for naked communalism"

And another man concluded:

"Both parties are speaking for donkey-ass sensationalism"

So no room for political satire!

The prices are rising so high, somebody on facebook made this....

for Manmohan Singh 

This country needs real debate.

Two intelligent men in the country:

1. Arvind Kejriwal

2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

All others are Mother India's lost sons and daughters.

Should Nargis Dutt take her rifle again and shoot'em all?

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