10 Facts about the incident concerning the Karnataka ministers who watched porn videos in the assembly

Dear Indians, why do you keep voting and vouching for such wrong useless type of people over and over again? Has it ever worked for us that way? The country still remains substandard.

 1. Laxman Savadi - the Karnataka Cooperation State Minister (Copulation State Minister) was caught watching porn in the assembly while assembly proceedings were going on.

Laxman Savadi 

He fought for his ministry seat by saying that, "Yes it is like a blue film. It was on Minister for Ports Krishna Palemar's mobile. The video clippings had women dancing and they were raped by four men. Palemar told me such things happen abroad in rave parties. Since the House was discussing the Malpe rave party, I watched it," "Yes I watched it. But I have not committed any crime. It is not on my mobile. Just watching it is not a crime." 

 C.C. Patil

 2. C.C. Patil - Women and Child Welfare Minister was also there to analyse the video in the process of women welfare and care.

J. Krishna Palemar

 3. Third man Minister J. Krishna Palemar - Environment and Ports minister also shipped in to enrich the environment. They claim to be analyzing such videos to know how it happens and gets done to come up with solutions to help India develop.

 4. Use of cellphones in the legislative assembly is actually banned.

 5. Food and Civil Supplies Minister Haratalu Halappa was forced to resign after there was an accusation of him raping his friend’s wife in Shimoga, about 280 km north of Bangalore.

 6. Ex-chief minister H.D. Kumaraswamy said, “This is a black spot on Karnataka assembly and the people of the state,”

 7. Leader of Opposition Congress: Siddaramaiah said, "This is the most shameful incident in the history of Karnataka assembly. The two should be sacked from the ministry and expelled from the assembly”.

 8. Protestors threw stones at Mr Savadi's home this evening and have been arrested or chased away.

 9. The ministers were caught by a local television group that was covering the proceedings of the assembly 

10. BJP is known to raise objections on anything that it considers immoral. The top party leaders have not made any comment on the scandal.

Watch video here

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