He got lucky to play the finals of the world cup. 
Dhoni put him there instead of Ashwin, it was a strange decision.
And unlucky, Sreesanth did not perform at all, 
probably this sparked a fire inside Dhoni to put his record back on track, 
Dhoni goes up the batting order

and takes the onus on his own shoulders,
and played a monster blaster innings, you would not believe.

The final winning sixer

Sreesanth: lucky for India

Sreesanth takes out the most dangerous ones

Gilchrist and Hayden, Ponting was not batting that day
so taking the almost-evil Aussies out of the tournament,
India wins the first 20/20 world cup.

 Sreesanth: lucky for India

Wish you the best of careers, buddy!
Sreesanth - the lucky tsunami.

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