Somalia and Tibet

Ladies in burqa waiting for some food
How the common masses are cheated by themselves!

Somalians are very corrupt individuals, so they end up having very corrupt leaders. And with corrupt leaders there is all kinds of suffering like famine. A country filled with warring Muslim factions. Nearby Rich Saudi Arabia can get a good name through Charity. But that would not be enough to severe the damage obviously, they must keep the poor, is it not? Those people need proper responsible governance for food and not corrupted religious ideologies for heaven after life. What a country of weakness!

Lobsang Sangay—a Tibetan born in India—thinks he warned China?

So a new prime minister for the Tibet exiles. The inside stories say that Dalai Lama is a CIA agent. I remember seeing his interview with Michael Palin on Discovery channel. And Dalai said to Palin, that Palin was an elephant in his previous life. China is busy trying to build a strong nation. And idiots like Dalai Lama should not be allowed to stay in India. Tibet needs China and China needs Tibet. Period.

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