Harbhajan Dhoni Ad controversy

Ouch, mummmmy!

Make it large! Have I made it large?

Do something different!

Controversy probably staged to make a talking point

out of the whiskey company ads

in the name of soda adverts.

Alcohol baron Vijay Mallya ain't some novice.

Dhoni has explained to Harbhajan that he had no idea about the real storyline of the McDowell's No 1 advertisement that has triggered the controversy. The ad got pulled out because Harbhajan's mom did not like it and filed a legal notice.

Watch the ads back to back

Harbhajan said, "I have spoken to Dhoni about the issue and he told me that he only knew about his part of the advertisement and had no idea how and where his lines will be used. I have nothing against Dhoni and the notice hasn't been surved to him but to the UB Group and the people who have made the advertisement. The contents of the ad are in very bad taste and me and my family have been hurt.

Reportedly, Dhoni and Harbhajan endorse rival brands. McDowell's No 1 Platinum ad shows Dhoni allegedly making fun of his teammate Harbhajan, who had featured in a advertisement for Royal Stag.While, the Harbhajan's 'Royal Stag' ad has the tag-line "Have I made it large?" On the other hand, Dhoni's McDowell's ad has a Harbhajan look-alike ask, "Have I made it large?" and Dhoni says, "Forget large, do something different."

Well, at the end of the day, both the companies get more leverage out of the controversy. As the newspapers and blogs like these talk about it. That's the whole idea of advertising, is it not?

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