Anna Hazare dead campaign?

Sambu looked at his son and yelled at his newspaper front page, "you can't even change your own corrupt blood father, you think you can change the world, who is this annaji fallen from the sky, is it not the same congress party that gave him his padma bushan...". 

He scratches his chest hair and says "Even to run this campaign, his campaign, there is bribe, I guarantee, now to run our business activities, we have to bribe the future lokpal committee employees too, is it? How costly life can get! Where do all the political parties, I repeat, all all the parties get their multi crore bank accounts from? They don't manufacture anything, they don't have any service sector income, so where does the money come from? Obviously they need bribes, bribe is necessary for them to function. That is how the political system has been designed and accepted by the people".

Ramu then said, "papa, common majority people don't even know how to write a letter, how are they going to even file an RTI or a high level lokpal application? Papa, I think after this lokpal committee fails India, people will lose faith in the legal instrument and that is a very good thing, because the responsibility to curb corruption is not in the hands of the lokpal or any legal instrument but in the hands of the people themselves."

Sambu looked at his wife and replied to her son, "you are right son, the politicians are going to get more money, as the bribe wager is going to rise, so they shall make more money, but we lose our money."

Sushi looked at her husband Sambu's money box and said, "Just like Gandhi backfired India into a escalated partition, Hazare shall take us on the wrong track of worse corruption, history repeats once again. I hate Anna Hazare type populist altruists. How little sense they have while enforcing their ideas on others, such activites must be done with great depth in thought, see as long as people invest tremendous energy in romantic utopian ideologies like religion and what not, they won't have enough time to do a job, so corruption is their only way to survive, the common man is forced to be corrupt due to the corrupt solutions given by their leaders."

Ramu look'd at his parents and said, "Somebody killed Gandhi and John it that some common man shall have ideas for anna hazare dead". Sushi said, "I think death of anybody is a bad mad sad sign beta, let's go to the vegetable market, chacha is coming home for dinner, but we need to fuel the mercedes first. Are you coming?"


  1. Thought provoking! But nice short story!

  2. What the Congress should really do is put Anna Hazare and a thousand of his unarmed supporters in Jalian Walla Bagh, and then ask a foreign general to bring in some soldiers and shoot them all... And why a foreign general? Because no Indian general with any self respect will ever carry out that order.


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