The Samurai expression

"The Last Samurai"

In this movie, Tom Cruise plays a character of the Kshatriya temperament,
it shows how the character finds expression.
Nice watch

"Bushido", literally meaning "Way of the Warrior", is the Code of Honour and way of life of the Samurai.

There are eight virtues, which a Samurai must try to possess:

• A sense of Justice and Honesty.

• Courage and Contempt For Death.

• Self-Control.

• Sympathy Towards All People.

• Politeness and Respect For Etiquette.

• Sincerity and Respect For One's Word of Honour.

• Absolute Loyalty To One's Superior.

• A Duty To Defend The Honour of One's Name and Guild.

Some Samurai Warrior quotes

"Even though you hold a sword over my heart I will not give up."

"Intelligence is the flower of discrimination. There are many examples of the flower blooming but not bearing fruit."

"One should not be envious of someone who has prospered by unjust deeds. Nor should he disdain someone who has fallen while adhering to the path of righteousness."

"No matter whether a person belongs to the upper or lower ranks, if he has not put his life on the line at least once he has cause for shame."

"If the enemy thinks of the mountains, attack like the sea; and if he thinks of the sea, attack like the mountains."

"Flexibility masters hardness."

"A reflection on a pool of water does not reveal its depth."

"A clear mind can topple even the strongest will."

"There are no secrets. There is no understanding. Void is all and nothing. It is the dance of the elements."

"Ultimately, you must forget about technique. The further you progress, the fewer teachings there are. The Great Path is really NO PATH."

"The no-mind not-thinks no-thoughts about no-things."

"You own every word you speak"

"While you rest, your enemy practices "

"Only when you are in the grave will you have nothing more to learn."

"'What is the deepest truth?' the Emperor asked Shinsei. Shinsei smiled and said, 'Everything I have taught you is wrong.'"

"The truth is always simple. Liars make things complicated."

"If a general is wise, he knows that a single man can halt an entire army."

"Confucius was asked, "What say you of the remark, 'Repay enmity with kindness'?" And he replied, "How then would you repay kindness? Repay kindness with kindness, and enmity with justice.""

"A student once asked his teacher, "Master, what is enlightenment?" The master replied, "When hungry, eat. When tired, sleep.""

A Samurai must show sympathy towards all people

Once the Samurai came across a small village, where a tailor had his little shop. As he quenched his thirst at a local tavern, he couldn't but overhear how impopular the tailor seemed. He apparently did his best to become rich at the poor villagers' expense. Since he was the only tailor in the area, he was able to have much higher prices than he actually needed for making ends meet.

Suddenly a man ran into the tavern, screaming "Help! My house is on fire! Help me put it out!" A silence spread across the room. Some of the men looked into the cups, others ignored him completely. A few of the men in the tavern mumbled something to eachother, and the Samurai realized that it was the tailor, whose house was on fire.

The Samurai looked out through the door at the tailor's house, and saw that little could be done to save it. The house was engulfed in flames, and anything inside was certain to be burnt beyond recognition.

"My house and furniture! All my textile! And all my money!" cried the tailor. One of the men in the tavern stood up and shouted "That's what you get for your greed! Don't come looking here for sympathy, when you charged us with prices much higher than we could afford. I for certain won't help you put out the fire. Maybe your lust for fortune and wealth will diminish now!" and agreeing murmurs were heard from many others in the room.

The tailor fell to his knees and sobbed, while slurring undistinguishable words. The Samurai looked at him and then said, "Don't hurt your knees on the floor and your eyes with the tears, because they are not spent on things gone forever. If you truly love your profession, you will find it alot easier than you probably imagine to start all over again. If you don't, then I pity you for spending so many years on something, that wouldn't have meant anything even if the house hadn't burned down. Here, take this money that I have. To me it doesn't do much apart from giving me a couple of cups of sake at whatever local tavern I happen to stop by. Spend it on whatever you happen to love, as long as you don't wipe your tears with it." The Samurai left the tavern and the village.

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