The origin always being the truth

I think people go poetic when they need their readers to be of the category that is situated between the understanding ones and the misunderstanding ones. And I think people go into prose when they need their readers to be from both the understanding ones or the misunderstanding ones but not from the middle.

Poetry tries to compress us to a subtle moment and expects us to take the risk of getting that lightning strike on our stark dark heads. And Prose is like rain, sometimes the rain falls on the fertile plains and sometimes on the rocks. "Out of poetry comes a Prose of thoughts and out of Prose comes a poetry of thoughts." Ah, this line sounds good.

Now to talk about truth and fiction. I think fiction is a reflection of the truth. I see it that fiction can be divided into two: stupid fiction and wise fiction. Stupid fiction is that which is stupid. Yeah, that's how stupid it's definition can get. An example for stupid fiction to me is, when a fiction tries to portray an inner truth that is actually false. Stupid fiction is a product of an unconscious mind. Wise fiction on the other hand, is that which comes from a mind that is of a higher conscious level like the parables of Jesus, the works of Ved Vyas, Valmiki.

And now to add more on that, fiction whether it's stupid or wise, its existence is always true. The very fact that this fiction exists gives it the element of truth. If I say that "I have twenty heads on my head". That's fiction alright, but the existence of the statement is very much true. Fiction thrives on the fact that existence is a truth. The fiction is untrue but the existence of the fiction is true, and can be considered wise, if the inner idea being projected through it is a great truth.

And with the origin always being the truth, it's up to us to decipher out the wisdom from the total setup, to collect the honey from the garden. Fiction is indeed a necessity to convey an idea, its the means to an end. The end being the truth.

Some selected quotes:

“The reason truth is stranger than fiction is that truth has a better author.”

“To me a story is true not because it happened, but because it happens to make sense.”

“Emotional truths can sometimes be conveyed more effectively, more compellingly, through fiction.”


  1. A man's face is his autobiography. A woman's face is her work of fiction.
    - Oscar Wilde

    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.
    - Buddha

  2. hmmm....face of the man, face of the woman, face of the Sun, face of the moon and face of the truth for us to see indeed.


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