The calling

There was once this little girl, she saw a little flower, she went near it and she spotted a feeling within her….was it for the perfume of the flower? Was it for the angel right beside her? Was it that she realized that she was not calling TheGod when she was calling "TheGod"! TheGod was so beautiful in her idea, so compassionate, that she knew that if she had truly called for the uncalled Wahid one, definitely, she would be free from fear. 

And so she felt that feeling come across her…but to feel the feeling she had to first call TheGod, but to call TheGod she had to first feel the feeling….she did not stop calling! She did not stop feeling. Numb not even to a stone. For numbness too was a feeling.

And this breeze brushed over her hidden hair, and she smiled at the cloud that was finding its way back to the south East ocean, and in and behind a bush was a little street boy, and he smiled a smile as he approached her, pointing to her lunch box. She opened her box and let the boy have a day. The boy was satisfied for once and for everyday same time wanted more, the girl was happy to serve but afraid to serve the boy forever, for she was afraid for her mind was in the future, she thought that for the boy's desire she would not last forever, so afraid to love in the moment, and with hiccups the boy was strained.

One day, the boy took a vacation, a vacation to the Himalayas, where every mountain rise was a Prophet wise. Be it, the boy climbed each in his own way, spotted by the angels, laughed at by the djinns and howled at by the Iblis wing beats. Danger lurked! The boy unafraid. He was well fed. Come what may! He entered a house, a house that limped at the peak of a mountain, and to find the same girl in it and again in pain, but this time it was he who had something to give, and so in he came, and in came the gift, a little puppy wagging its tail.

Not afraid at all, she cuddled the little puppy one! And he smiled again!

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