Heaven and Hell

If you had noticed, lately all my blogs have a picture that have a rose in them. Yeah, and it's because I was totally lost into the beauty of what Buddha had done once!

One fine day, he came to his disciples, holding a rose in his hands. And he just kept quiet and quiet.

But to me he was talking to me the loudest. The very loudest! The very essence!

"To be a blossoming then giving out that colorful fragrance for which it is plucked and then dying away into a blossoming life where love and logic were never separate and never ending.

I am happy that I have got a spare key to the roof floor door, planning to stare at the stars probably sleep under them. I wonder what it feels like to live on the edge of the universe, that mighty verse. Indeed one would need a rope to hold on to life, but hey it's only when one is on the edge that one holds on to the rope really tight with the best of interests. I was playing this little desktop game. Nice game to relax on, to relax on the edge of a deathly verse.

When is Judgement day! Oh it's just after my deathday. Suppose if I died right now-here, then the next time I rise up, oh it's judgement time. So what is it! Heaven or Hell for me.

Both Heaven and Hell obviously! Because by being in hell pain, I would be calling out for mercy at the loudest! And in heaven, I would be calling out for more grace at the loudest! And yet I should not be greedy for heaven nor should I be afraid of Hell.

Hell is indeed the finest purifier! Whereas Heaven is the finest relaxer! And that's what the mystic rose is all about with a Hell of a logic and a Heaven of a love dissolved in it.

Yeah, I remember a street boy giving me a Mystic Rose, I got a picture of him and used it for the cover of my poetry book. Then I remember while distributing flowers in a temple somewhere in Andra Pradesh, the last flower that came to me in the distributing basket was a beautiful rose, that mystic rose.

Now the whole idea is to be that mystic Rose.

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