Om Puri recipe: His drunkard-like speech at Ramlila at the Anna Hazare campaign

Anpadh, Nalayak, Ganwaar!

Om Puri drunkard speech at Ramlila for Anna Hazare

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“Yeh anpadh hain… Aadhe se zyaada MP ganwaar hain…” (They are illiterate. More than half the MPs are country bumpkins.)

“Yeh MPs kya karte hain? Paanch saal tak aish karte hain, lootate hain desh ko… main jaanta hoon inko, inke gharon mein kya hai” (What do the MPs do? They enjoy the five years, loot the country. I know them, I know what they have in their homes.)

Om Puri was against certain mediapersons too, he said that some of them were exposed in the Niira Radia tapes that they were also playing roles in the corruption. Then he lambasted NDTV editor Barkha Dutt for whaever reason he knows best.

Om Puri then dreamily suggested that politician aspirants should take an exam – and only those who secured 60%marks should be allowed to contest!

Some appreciate Om Puri for his street talk that came straight from the heart, but some found it too ungentlemanly for their abstract purity. Well, I appreciate him for expressing himself, he came out and said what he said, but the suggestions he insisted on won't work and can't be implemented, education is not the sure recipe for great politicians, look at Prime minister Manmohan Singh his academic career is probably the best anybody in India can have. I say Om Puri, better stay in Bollywood and ask the script writers to help him with dialogues with depth. Yog teacher, actors....should not turn the nation's energy into joke play. But it's Great entertainment though, news channel make more money.

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Also Rajnikanth, Amir Khan all show up with their altruistic glamour.
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  1. Om Puri talking like this, Ramdev is a churidar...


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