So why to bite!

No need to fool-fight, no need to fool-argue with so much violence, heat and noise. Because... check this out below...


To get the real liberation, it's true that we need to know the truth, and then fight for the truth, indeed very true, but it's also important that we should know how to fight for it too.

There is the truth of the "What is to be fought for".
Then there is the truth of the "How to fight for". 

We can't establish the whole truth worldwide in a single second, can we! We need to be kind to our mortal selves eh? It's true we need to change ourselves to reach out, but we can only truly change ourselves if the environment that we live is in sync with our changes, by sync, I mean at the least, some threshold shoulder-to-shoulder understanding. And by environment, I mean our families, our friends, our blood-relations, our near and dear acquaintances....any daily acquaintance. But to make them into sync with the Almighty Truth, how can we bite the very hand that fed us with food? Instead, we should kiss the hand, to be with the Truth. Truth will always stand out clear from error and so every hand will have to surrender to the truth in good time. So why to bite!

We need to be kind to our near and dear ones, we need to fight for the truth for their betterment, but through kindness. A great Prophet once said that "Whoever is kind to His creatures, God is kind to him; therefore be kind to man on earth, whether good or bad; and being kind to the bad, is to withold him from badness, thus in heaven you will be treated kindly."

He also said,  "Kindness is a mark of faith: and whoever hath not kindness hath not faith.".

We must uplift our near and dear ones to understand that "Togetherness" does not mean just within the walls of small families, small groups, or even nations, it's at a whole-world-wide level. We should not stand against the virtue of "Togetherness of the whole wide world". We must uplift our near and dear ones to that level, through kindness and not through heated arguments. The very factor of "nearness-dearness" is a gift to us, the very doorway for us to make a development. Do we have the access to help the unknown people out there? But yes, it's easier when we think about helping our near and dear ones, at least those whose feelHearts are accessible, those few in them, who really do care for us. Not to make them angry and in distaste, but to secure them with the truth through kindness.

And yes for this, not only do we need to change ourselves for the better but also change the way we behave with others. Then just watch the near-dear environment changing for the better. That's the way to love the world. A family is a unit of this world, start with your own. And like that we can live better ALtogether.

Now, we don't have to score 100% to pass an exam, do we? But if we do score high, good for us, we are examples for others. But if we don't, that does not mean that we should not aim for better marks in the examinations of life. Keep trying, we can only do what we can do, and with input of right time and experience, yes we do improve our capacity of what we can do. We just got to keep asking the Great Beyond for new ways of trying, the very reason why the brain+feelheart was given to us, to receive answers, alright.

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