Missing my Makerere college

The Library of Makerere college

I wish to share with you my Makerere college Anthem.

"We are men and women of Uganda
marching along
on the path of education
and dancing 
united for 
a better Uganda."

When I was in Uganda, I did my high schooling at Makerere college School. I had a wonderful time over there, the academic curriculum had 16 subjects which included lovely subjects like Music, Political Education, Home Economics, Fine Arts, Physical education, Local language, English-II, and Foreign language.

I miss the college grounds, I miss my class. I miss Nangozi, my desk mate, she was so understanding that before I need to tell her anything, she used to get it and cover for me whenever I got into trouble - Frienship at its best. I miss Karwani Kiiza Paul - the noble one, I miss the Dean - Mr. Katongole who used to give me hard times, he used pick on me for no reason, he made me kneel down twice in front of the whole college, he even sent me and some guys out of college for not doing some homework, I was actually absent on that day when he gave the home work and so we chilled, we all had a great day that day, we toured the whole Makerere University campus, picnicked by the lawns, peeked into the swimming pools, bought sweets and enjoyed the new found freedom. I miss Ndaula Sir who used to keep on praising this student called Abel for being a intellectual, when everyone just could not see it because for them he was actually only the topper in Fine Arts, but that irked me, so I did everything I could to better Abel in Fine Arts, but always failed, but then in the last exam, yes I got my victory when I got 87% for my Logo design, ((evil laugh)) hahah hahaa haaaaahaha haah.

I miss the Biology teacher's furry cat Ruby, Devan and I used to visit her garage, to get a glimpse of her cat. I miss Haria Dhruv who is now in London, don't know if he cares about this friend here. I miss Prabhakar, he has really turned to be a jolly guy, somewhere in the US now. I miss the twins Prachi and Pratichi, I always cared to give my attention to them, so much, no matter what!!! I miss Opio - fan of Jesus Christ, Ouma Michael - fan of Michael Jordan, Apio who used to make fun of me alot and yes my good friend Michael Byamukama of S1 Blue who introduced me to his world of music. I did make friends with a senior of mine from Senior 5, but I forgot his name. He was angelic. There is one more person that I miss, she was a senior to me by one year, she was kind!

God bless them all!

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