Ah! finally, the time to get a new blog up and running, my previous blog was at erstwhile Yahoo 360!, but when it became difficult for me to access the net, I stopped using it frequently.

Blogging has been very useful to me, it has helped me in constructing many of my ideas. The fruits of my first blogging stint have been many. I got a poetry/photography/quotations book published out of it. Secondly, blogging was a way to exhaust my persistent creative energy and then most preciously, I was able to make some really nice friends like Songo and Yna. Songo is from Panama and Yna is from Manila.

I liked Yahoo 360! very much because its functionality coupled the feature of social networking along with the feature of blogging. Even though we had a nice community network in it, few people ever figured out what Yahoo 360! was good for (and being a social application it required more than just a few people for it to be much good at all). But somewhere, I did pacify myself by saying that I am glad it got closed down, like a phase of life coming to an end, heading for a better, stable one. So let me see what this blog turns into, maybe into a little tiny book with powerful secrets hidden all over it or maybe into an upside-down beetle fighting with gravity. Lots of energy I say, I see so many projects popping up in my heart with the tags of "so much of loving", "so much of serving".

There's so much to do, got to be ready for them and wait for their right time. Steady.

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